3D Printing in Space

The Martian
NASA 3D Printed Habitat Challenge Finalists Revealed

Here are the 30 finalists in the 3D Printed Habitat Challenge, a NASA competition seeking radical designs for an outpost on Mars.

One Giant Print
3D Print a Model of the Apollo 11 Command Module

The Smithsonian partnered with Autodesk to 3D scan the Apollo 11 command module “Columbia", and have released 3D printable files online.

Do Try This At Home
Great Space Exploration Projects You Can Build at Home

Soon, NASA’s Juno probe will send images from Jupiter. Until then, we’ll satisfy our scientific desires with DIY space exploration projects.

Recycling in Space
NASA’s Refabricator Will Turn Recycled Plastic Into New 3D Printed Components

Next year, the International Space Station will receive the Refabricator, the first machine to mix recycling and 3D printing into one process.

Save Weight, Save Money
Boeing’s Space Taxi Will Use More than 600 3D Printed Parts

Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner space crew capsules will use more than 600 3D-printed parts. Some of them are even made of plastic.

Heavy Industry
3D Printing Takes Off at Lockheed Martin

After extensive investment in 3D printing, Lockheed Martin is now building multi-printing units for simultaneous additive manufacturing.

Russia Takes First Step To Permanent Moonbase
Russia And EU Reveal Plans For A 3D Printed Moonbase

Russia and the EU are planning a permanent lunar base. The goal of Luna 27 is to erect a 3D printed habitat, so astronauts can find water.

Clone Alone
Researchers Developing Self-Replicating 3D Printers to Build Moon Bases

Researchers from Carleton University are on the cusp of 3D printing an electric motor from materials similar to those found on the moon.

Plastic Space
MIT Rocket Team Blasts Off with Plastic 3D Printed Rocket Motor

MIT Rocket Team, working with Markforged, 3D print a rocket motor using plastic. It successfully fired, breaking new ground in rocketry.

An interesting approach
Professor wants NASA to 3D Print Houses on the Moon

It could be that soon we'll all be living in 3D printed houses on the moon, at least that's one professor's dream anyway.

Space Oddity
European Space Agency Testing 3D Printed Antenna

The European Space Agency has been testing a prototype 3D printed antenna, designed for future mega-constellation small satellite platforms.

Reach for the Stars
European Space Agency MELT Project is Out of This World

The European Space Agency announces partnership with BEEVeryCreative on the MELT project, developing additive manufacturing technology for use in space.

Pee to Print
Astronauts Mix Recycled Urine with Yeast to Create 3D Printing Filament

Researchers are working on a way to turn human waste into different substances, including omega-3 fatty acids and plastics, by using yeast.

Light Years Ahead
Made in Space Take a Giant Leap with New Archinaut System

Made in Space has developed and demonstrated a system called Archinaut which uses 3D printing and robotic arms to manufacture in space. 

Space-tastic Plastics
New Plastic Allows Astronauts to 3D Print Spacewalk Tools

Made In Space is developing a tough plastic that will enable astronauts to create tools for use in the harsh conditions of space.