Hannah Augur

Hannah is a writer, editor and tech nerd based in Berlin, Germany. She spends most of her time on her computer, taught herself HTML at the ripe age of ten, and has an embarrassing love for all things geeky. She awaits the day when 3D Printers can print her a family of real kittens from the comfort of her own home. Why isn't anyone working on this?

By Hannah Augur

Watch nerd bait
First 3D Printed Multiaxis Tourbillon Free on Thingiverse

Maker designs world's first 3D printed multiaxis tourbillon...then uploads it for free to Thingiverse. Perfect weekend project for engineers?

CSI, 3D Printing Lab
Cops Use 3D Printed Fingerprints to Solve Murder Case

Michigan police turn to 3D printing to solve an ongoing murder case. Can 3D printed fingerprints unlock a victim's smartphone?

Drones for Peace
3D Printed Mine Kafon Drone Can Remove Mines Safely

The Mine Kafon Drone is an airborne demining system, developed to clear all land mines around the world in less than 10 years.

All the Fish!
ScanAllFish Project Turning World’s Fish into 3D Scans

University of Washington professor Adam Summers wants to create a library of 3D fish scans for research and 3D printing. #ScanAllFish

One Giant Print
3D Print a Model of the Apollo 11 Command Module

The Smithsonian partnered with Autodesk to 3D scan the Apollo 11 command module “Columbia", and have released 3D printable files online.

Imprinting Sound Qualities on Objects
“Acoustic Voxel” Give Sound to 3D Printed Objects

US-Researchers unveiled a new way of imprinting sound qualities on objects. Their "acoustic voxel system" can be manipulated like Lego.

(Almost) all natural
“Biohybrid” Uses 3D Printed Shell And Slug Muscle

Researchers have created biohybrid using sea slug muscle and a 3D printed exoskeleton. This experiment could help researchers and environment alike.

Oh Snap!
Build an Awesome 3D Printed Rubber Band Gatling Gun

3D printed rubber band Gatling gun "The Arcus" is 100% 3D printable and free on Instructables. It can shoot 48 bands in a matter of seconds.

Sacrifice supports, not overhang
Researchers Develop Dissolvable Metal Supports

These researchers can help designers make better overhangs using dissolvable metal supports for 3D printing.

Vroom Vroom into the Future
BMW Uses Planar Technologies to Evolve Additive Manufacturing

BMW Group gives their additive manufacturing process an upgrade using planar technologies, looks to expand printing usage long-term.

Mr. Printer...?
3D Printing Cybersecurity Vulnerable to Hacking

NYU researchers release paper on 3D printing cybersecurity, exploring how additive manufacturing is vulnerable to industrial espionage.

Touch this song
3D Printed Music Landscapes Turn Sound Into Visualizations

Is 3D printed music the future? AntiVJ doesn't want you to just listen, but to see and feel music through 3D printed visualizations.

Cute Labrador Puppy Gets New 3D Printed Tooth

Brazilian “Animal Avengers” save Labrador retriever puppy, Hanna, by giving her a 3D printed tooth in the first procedure of its kind.

Turn up the (Tiny) Bass
3D Printed Speaker Kits from Kitronik Look Gorgeous

These 3D printed speaker kits from Kitronik are not just useful for learning about electronics; they'll get the party started too.

Material Difference
Silicone 3D Printer from WACKER Chemie Coming in October

WACKER Chemie to unveil world's first silicone 3D printer, the ACEO Imagine Series K, at K 2016 trade show in Düsseldorf this October.