Play With Style
28 RetroPie Gaming Raspberry Pi Cases to 3D Print

Here are our favorite RetroPie cases for Raspberry Pi incl. console, portable & handheld cases: Nintendo NES, SNES, Gameboy, Playstation, PSP, ...

Playing with style
16 Coolest Raspberry Pi NES Cases to DIY or Buy

Nintendo’s NES has been discontinued. But you can build your own NES with a Raspberry Pi and a 3D printed Raspberry Pi NES case.

OpenSCAD Sesame
Parametric OpenSCAD File Lets You 3D Print Keys

A recent post on engineering project site Hackaday details how to 3D print Kwikset keys. There's a free OpenSCAD file so you can too.

Case by Case
5 Best Sources to Create 3D Printed Phone Cases

Want to protect and customize your smartphone? Here are the best services for customizing 3D printed phone cases.

Switch up your Switch!
45 Coolest Nintendo Switch Mods to 3D Print

Get ready to raise your game. Here are the best Nintendo Switch mods you can 3D print for your shiny new console. This Joy ain't no Con.

Spinning Around
55 Best Fidget Spinner Toys to Buy or DIY in 2017

Looking for the best fidget spinner in the wooooorld? Here are the 55 best fidget spinners you can buy or DIY, plus bearings, tips and tricks.

Very Berry
33 Coolest Custom Raspberry Pi Cases to 3D Print

3D print your custom Raspberry Pi case! Here are the coolest Raspberry Pi cases to 3D print for Rasberry Pi 3, 2 and 1.

Feels on Wheels
3D Printed Electric Wheelchair Kit made by High Schoolers

To give a basic push-chair more oomph, a high-school robotics team developed an electric wheelchair kit using Arduino and 3D printing.

60 Minutes
14 Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less)

Massively complicated print jobs that need 48 hours to complete? Forget about it! Here are 14 fun things to 3D print in an hour (or less).

3D Printing! And robots! (Two things we happen to love)
3D Printed Robots – 25 Robots You Can Buy, 3D Print, or Build

Fancy a 3D printed robot for your home? Here’s a list of the best 3D printed robots you can 3D print in one go, assemble or even buy as a kit.

From AT-AT to Yoda
40 Epic Star Wars Models to 3D Print

A Yoda for your desk? A laser sword pen holder? Or a battery powered walking AT-AT? Check out these epic Star Wars models to 3D print.

Real Life Heroes
42 Awesome Overwatch 3D Models to 3D Print

Overwatch merchandise can be pretty expensive. So why not 3D print them? Here are 42 awesome Overwatch 3D models made by fans to 3D print.

Let's Cook
30 Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print

Fancy yourself as a culinary whizz? Here are some useful 3D printed kitchen utensils, ranging from cookie cutters to spaghetti measures.

Printer Is Coming
30 Great Game of Thrones 3D Models to 3D Print

Looking for extravagant Game of Thrones props and models? We’ve scanned the 3D printing archives for the 24 best Game of Thrones 3D prints.

So Many Projects, So Little Time
30 Best Arduino Projects (You Can DIY with a 3D Printer)

Looking for a DIY Arduino project to challenge your maker talents? Here are the best Arduino projects you can DIY with a 3D printer.