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Printer Is Coming
30 Best Game of Thrones 3D Models, Props & Toys to 3D Print

Looking for extravagant Game of Thrones props/3D models? We’ve scanned the 3D printing archives for the 24 best Game of Thrones 3D prints.

Mark of Greatness?
Carbon Fiber 3D Printer: Markforged Mark Two Review

The Markforged Mark Two is a carbon fiber 3D printer that's in a class of its own. Read Tom Sanladerer's review of the Markforged Mark Two.

3D Printers, Starting from $149
Monoprice Expands its Line of 3D Printers

This week 3D printer manufacturer Monoprice announced upgrades to its line of printers at CES 2107 in Las Vegas.

Tomorrow’s Technology, 3D Printed Today
3D Print your Own Sonic Tractor Beam

Researchers from the University of Bristol developed a sonic tractor beam that anyone with a 3D printer can build.

Acronyms Ahoy!
9 Basic Types of 3D Printers – 3D Printing Technology Guide

Read our 3D printing technology guide to learn about the 9 basic types of 3D printers: FDM, SLA, DLP, SLS, SLM, EBM, LOM, BJ and MJ.

Vorsprung Durch Technik?
3D Printer Kit Review: Fischertechnik 536624

The Fischertechnik 536624 is a 3D printer kit for the German educational toy market. Is it any good? Thomas Sanladerer isn't convinced.

3D printed cycling skinsuits
Speeding with a 3D Printed Full-Scale Mannequin

A research team of TU Delft produced a 3D full-sized mannequin of Olympic silver medalist Tom Dumoulin’s to test a series of new cycling skinsuits.

Czech it Out
Original Prusa i3 MK2 Review: It Doesn’t Get Any Better

This is where 3D printing is right now, according to Thomas Sanladerer. Read his detailed and enthusiastic Original Prusa i3 MK2 review.

Matter Hacker
Stealth Black: Layer One Atom 2.0 Delta 3D Printer Review

The Layer One Atom 2.0 Delta 3D printer looks great, but is it as good as tried-and-true open source designs? Review by Thomas Sanladerer.

Seeing Double
Why Dual Extrusion Matters: First Look at the Prometheus System

Previewing the new Prometheus System on Kickstarter, Thomas Sanladerer explains why dual-extrusion is the next frontier in 3D printing.

Get the most out of your 3D pen
3Doodler Pen FAQ: All You Need to Know About It

Have you recently bought your own 3Doodler and have a few questions about maintenance and how to use the tool? Check this FAQ out.

Gotta Catch 'em All
Get The Pokémon Go Experience with Amazing Low-Poly Pokemon

Check out this collection of low-poly Pokemon by Agustin Flowalistik. Download and 3D print them for yourself. Pikachu, we choose YOU.

Do Try This At Home
Great Space Exploration Projects You Can Build at Home

Soon, NASA’s Juno probe will send images from Jupiter. Until then, we’ll satisfy our scientific desires with DIY space exploration projects.

Puny but Powerful
E3D Titan Review: A Super Light Extruder

Named after the gods of Greek Mythology, the new E3D Titan extruder is proof that that big things can come in small packages.

Let's Cook
30 Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print

Fancy yourself as a culinary whizz? Here are some useful 3D printed kitchen utensils, ranging from cookie cutters to spaghetti measures.