The Ultimate List
Best 3D Printing Companies 2017 – The 40 Most Innovative

Here are the 40 most innovative 3D printing companies in 2017, from pioneering 3D printer manufacturers to the best filament producers.

3D Printing, Open Source Style
4 DIY Arduino 3D Printers You Can Build Yourself

Arduino 3D printers are rare. But if you want an Arduino 3D printer you should take a look at these DIY Arduino 3D printer projects.

Always Be Making
Ultimaker 3 Source Files Now Available to Download

One year after it was launched, the Ultimaker 3 Source Files for both Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended have now been released.

Slice and Dice
Cura 3D Tutorial – How to Use Cura Slicer Software

This Cura tutorial for beginners shows step-by-step how to use Cura software and to find the right settings for 3D printing.

Best Supporting Printer
Ultimaker 3 Review: Revolutionary Dual Extrusion 3D Printer

The Ultimaker 3 is a dual extrusion 3D printer with some impressive innovations. Read the ALL3DP verdict in our detailed Ultimaker 3 review.

3D Printing How To
What Resolution Can 3D Printers Print?

When we talk about 3D printer resolution, we have to take all 3 dimensions into consideration: resolution on the XY and the Z axis ...

Dutch Courage
Ultimaker 2+ Review: The Best Ultimaker So Far

Ultimaker 2+ is a great 3D printer for reliability and quality, but the wish-list for new features is growing. Read our Ultimaker 2+ review.

Extruding Knowledge
Teacher’s Guide to 3D Printing Classes and Curriculum

Looking for free resources for 3D printing classes? Read our guide to get 3D printing curricula, videos and materials for your classes. 

Best in Show!
TCT Show 2017 Recap: Inside Look at the Most Exciting 3D Printing Show of the Year

TCT Show 2017 might be over, but the innovation has just begun. Here's our recap of the best 3D printing moments at this year's conference.

High Speed Slicing
Free 3D Slicer Cura 2.5 out now: Definitely Worth the Download

Ultimaker’s Cura 2.5 has left its beta status. It offers faster slicing capabilities, dual printhead controls, and better user control.

Cura Beta 2.3 out now
Cura 2.3 Update: New Features, Major Improvements on the 3D Slicer

3D slicer Cura is the quasi-standard of all 3D printing slicers. It’s versatile, open source and it gets the job done nicely. Now it‘s getting a big update for Mac and PC with interesting new features and improvements.

New Release
Cura 2.4 Update: New Slicing Features, Usability Improvements

Ultimaker has released Cura 2.4, the latest update to their open source 3D printing slicer software. Learn about the new features here.

E3D Ultimaker 2 Extrusion Upgrade Kit Review: The Ultimate Ultimaker 2 Upgrade?

Enhancing an old workhorse with the E3D Ultimaker 2 Extrusion Upgrade Kit is a tantalising prospect. Read our detailed test and review.

Fun Math
3D Printed Puzzles for Math Lovers

Is there any way to make math fun? Andreas Kaiser believes 3D printed puzzles are the way forward, especially if students can make their own.

Programmed to Rock
ABB Robotics Uses 3D Printing for Functional Prototyping

ABB Robotics was able to save both time and money by replacing production methods with 3D printing to prototype fingers for their robot YuMi.