Bulent Yusuf

Bulent Yusuf is a wisecracking scallywag with an abundance of hair. He likes 3D printing and he likes writing, but his main hobby is talking about himself in the third person. Thanks to ALL3DP, all his goals in life have been achieved.

By Bulent Yusuf

Spin Cycle
Electrolux 3D Printing Spare Parts for Home Appliances?

The multinational home appliance manufacturer Electrolux is conducting a feasibility study into 3D printing spare parts on-demand.

Always Be Making
Ultimaker 3 Source Files Now Available to Download

One year after it was launched, the Ultimaker 3 Source Files for both Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended have now been released.

Now Trending
Major Gains for Prusa and HP in New 3D Hubs Trend Report

Prusa! HP! Formlabs! London! Some dramatic developments in the 3D printing industry, if the latest 3D Hubs Trend Report is any indication.

Bath Time
LUSH Cosmetics to Invest in 3D Printing Technology

Customers can soon look forward to 3D printed bath bombs and laser-etched soap, promises LUSH Cosmetics managing director Mark Constantine.

Rank and File
MyMiniFactory Joins Next Generation 3MF Consortium

Online 3D printing platform MyMiniFactory is now supporting next generation 3MF files, and becomes a member of the 3MF Consortium.

Clarity of Vision
Eyeglass Factory with Formlabs x 3DBrooklyn 2017 Roadshow

Curious about custom eye-wear made using stereolithographic 3D printing? Learn about the Eyeglass Factory from design studio 3D Brooklyn.

What is the MakerBot Labs Experimental Extruder?

The new MakerBot Labs Experimental Extruder opens up the MakerBot Replicator+ 3D printer to third party filaments and experimental settings.

Poetry in Stop-Motion
“Animating Life” is LAIKA Retrospective at Portland Art Museum

The LAIKA Studio and their award-winning 3D printed films are subject of a major retrospective at the Portland Art Museum, "Animating Life".

Around the World
Ultra Rare Braille Globe to be Scanned and 3D Printed

The State Library Queensland in Australia plans to recreate a rare and delicate Braille Globe using scanning and 3D printing technologies.

Feels on Wheels
3D Printed Electric Wheelchair Kit made by High Schoolers

To give a basic push-chair more oomph, a high-school robotics team developed an electric wheelchair kit using Arduino and 3D printing.

No Maps for These Territories
3D Printable Map of the United Stated by Hate Groups

Data visualization meets 3D printing with a map documenting hate groups in the United States. Learn about the intriguing work of Dano Wall.

Big Laser Box
New VIT SLS Printer Launching Soon on Kickstarter

On display at the In(3D)ustry trade show in Barcelona, the VIT SLS is a new benchtop SLS printer coming to Kickstarter at the end of October.

Trade Show
Temporary Museum of Reality in Barcelona with In(3D)ustry

New to the international trade show scene, In(3D)ustry promotes the use of 3D printing in the industrial sector with a "Museum of Reality".

Nice Day for a Swim
New Waterproof Polyamide SLS Objects from Imaterialise

Online 3D printing service Imaterialise launches intriguing new material; a waterproof polyamide for objects that need to be submersible.

Opposable Thumbs
Shapeways and Valve Partner to Offer 3D Printed Custom Toys

In an agreement with Shapeways, designers can now make and sell 3D printed merchandise and accessories based on hardware and games by Valve.