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Ultimaker: Company Profile in 11 Facts


Looking for information on 3D printing company Ultimaker? We‘ve accumulated the most important facts in this company profile.

11 Facts on Ultimaker

1. Full Name

Ultimaker B.V.

2. Company Information

Maintaining its position as one of the most well-known companies in the industry, Ultimaker manufactures desktop 3D printers for a consumer and maker audience. With a strong portfolio of product history, the printer started out in 2011 as an open-source product which still retains an essentially user-orientated ambition to support people who make.

3. Company History

Ultimaker is a Dutch 3D printer company which was founded in 2011. It has since retained a prominent position in the competitive Maker industry. The company, as one of the most successful open-source software providers in its field,  works close with its community to facilitate the personal fabrication revolution that is the desktop 3D printing movement.

Perhaps most importantly, the company delivers hardware products in the form of its 3D printers which are shipped and used by a varied, international audience. Originally only available in kit form, the series of printers has since evolved from a build-it-yourself machine to a ready-made, reliable piece of kit. With a reputation for fast 3D printing in relation to a high-quality print resolution, professionals from many different sectors including healthcare, education, fashion and engineering rely on the desktop 3D printer to support the production of prototypes and end-products alike.

4. Products

Like all of the industry’s key players, the company offers an extended portfolio of hardware, software and community support products across the brand. In sync with the classic, modular machine, the company continue to launch innovative ways for makers to 3D print in a number of ways:

Ultimaker 2+ 

Ultimaker 2+ Detail #1Faster speeds and even more precision options make this newest offering from the manufacturer an extremely exciting addition to any maker’s quiver. Read All3DP’s review here.

More 3D printers are the Ultimaker 2 (review; Extended review for taller builds), the portable Ultimaker 2 Go and the Ultimaker Original for self-assembly.

Cura 3D

ultimaker-cura-3d-printing-softwareThe company’s free, open source software option prepares any model for 3D printing. For novices, it’ll do everything, and for experts there are some fantastic advanced settings.

You find a tutorial on how to use Cura here.


Ultimaker Add-OnAs expected for an ultimately open-source, modular design desktop 3D printer, they offer an array of add-ons (controllers, bed upgrades) which allow for true customisation to fit any budget.

5. Founders

Martijn Elserman, Siert Wijnia and Erik de Bruijn, 2011

6. CEO

Jos Burger

7. Employees

51 – 200

8. Headquarters & Address


Watermolenweg 2

4191 PN Geldermalsen

The Netherlands

9. Contact

Email: info@ultimaker.com

Telephone: +31 345 712001

10. Website


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