No Spin Zone
32 Great DIY Fidget Toys & Fidget Spinner Alternatives

It's time to invest in finger friendly gizmos. Here are 32 great DIY fidget toys & fidget spinner alternatives to DIY or buy.

Swinging London
Creative 3D Printing Startups at the London Design Festival

The 15th London Design Festival celebrates innovative design and creative solutions, with the participation of several 3D printing startups.

Does Not Suck
Top 20 Shortlist Announced for James Dyson Award 2017

It's squeaky bum time. The top 20 shortlist for the James Dyson Award 2017 has been announced, including several 3D printing projects.

Braking to Exhale
Concept Breathe is a Radical Car Seat Made with 3D Printing

Design students from Braunschweig University of Art and Audi reinvent the car seat with a dynamic 3D printed structure named Concept Breathe.

SexyCyborg Confronts Maker Sexism with LCD Shutter Top

Make Magazine's wonky definition of appropriate dress codes for women inspired SexyCyborg to make this LCD shutter top.

One Infinite Loop
Dutch Architect to 3D Print a Möbius Strip Building

A Dutch architect is planning to use a unique 3D printer to construct a large building in the shape of a "Möbius Strip" infinite loop.

Plants Vs. Printers
Chromatose is a Synthetic 3D Printed Venus Flytrap

The Chromatose, a beautiful synthetic 3D printed venus flytrap, is hungry for flies and a prestigious design award in New Zealand.

Top 3 Tips for Designing for 3D Printing

Designing for 3D printing? Learn about best practice, plus tips and tricks for great results, with this guest post from 3D printing marketplace Pinshape.

Makeshift Fashion
RCLifeOn 3D Prints Custom Designs onto Fabric (And You Can Too!)

In a new video, the Swedish YouTuber RCLifeOn presents a way for you to 3D print your favorite custom designs directly onto clothing fabric.

Fuzzy Logic
Furry Vase is a 3D Printed Experiment with Drooloops

The furry vase is a whacky experiment in 3D printing design, applying the "drooloop" flower technique to striking effect.

Big Vision
Skelmet Scans your Face to 3D Print Sunglasses for Perfect Fit

New company Skelmet uses 3D scanning and printing to make custom sunglasses that fit perfectly and don't weigh heavily on your face.

Water Under
World’s First 3D Printed Pedestrian Bridge Completed in Madrid

New pedestrian bridge designed by the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is 3D printed with micro-reinforced concrete.

Good Hair Day
3D Printed Playmobil Hair Bike Helmet Prototype

Using 3D scanning and additive manufacturing, a 3D printed Playmobil hair bike helmet is designed to encourage cycle safety for young kids.

Bumper Crop
Harvest the Fun with a 3D Printed OpenRC Tractor

Build your own 3D printed OpenRC Tractor, modelled on an original Ebro 160D, exclusively available from Pinshape.

Anatomic Design
Kickstarter Campaign to Reissue Humanscale Design Guide

Containing over 60,000 reference measurements, the Humanscale collection of books and charts is getting a re-release via Kickstarter.