Smart Glasses
Build an AR Headset for $60 with Arduino and 3D Printing

This AR headset made with Arduino and 3D printing is capable of showing the date, time, text messages, plus gesture-controlled photography. 

Friends Electric
Bicycle Boosterpack is an Awesome E-Bike Conversion Kit

Does your daily commute need an extra push? This 3D Printed bicycle boosterpack converts your ride into an e-bike for a fraction of the cost.

... and you can do, too.
12-Year-Old Builds Working Lego 3D Printer

A 12-year-old has managed to build his very own, working Lego 3D printer using just a Mindstorms EV3 kit and a inexpensive 3D printing pen.

That's a BFGun
How to Make a Coilgun Using an Arduino Nano and 3D Printing

Using the power of magnets and thinkness (and 3D printing and Arduino), one crazy kid created a crazy coilgun without massive capacitors. 

Smells like Green
Amazing Synesthesia Mask Lets You Smell Colors

An aerospace engineer working for Autodesk has created a mask that mimics the effect of synesthesia which he has uploaded to Instructables.

This is a 3D Printed Desk Lamp with Voice Control

Thanks to the power of arduino, 3D printing, bluetooth, and some good old-fashioned genius, this lamp can be controlled using voice control.

Still Alive
This is a 3D Printed Aperture Science Sentry Turret from Portal

Using Arduino, 3D printing and thinkness, engineering student pays tribute to his favorite video game with an Aperture Science Sentry Turret.

Prophelix is a Holographic Display Made with Arduino and 3D Printing

Fascinated by holographic displays? Then Prophelix -- made using Arduino, 3D printing, and thinkness -- is going to blow your socks off.

Spring in your Step
These Spring Heel Shoes Can Only Be Made with 3D Printing

Inspired by hyperactivity, spring heel shoes by Neta Soreq have a unique "energetic pass" design only made possible through 3D printing.

Beyond Thunderdome
This Interactive Geodesic LED Dome is Crazy Hypnotic

Maker builds an interactive geodesic LED dome using Arduino, 3D printing, and a bright imagination. Each panel lights up when you touch it.

Shaken, Not Stirred
DrinkBot: Behold the 3D Printed Robotic Cocktail Dress

Mix your own drinks at any party with Anouk Wipprecht's 3D printed robotic cocktail dress; the Drinkbot can pour an Old Fashioned on command.

Odin's Beard!
Is Your Bathroom Worthy of Thor’s Hammer Toilet Brush?

Why clean your toilet with a boring brush, when you could use THOR'S HAMMER? Bring a touch of Asgardian glamor to your bathroom chores.

Oh Snap!
Build an Awesome 3D Printed Rubber Band Gatling Gun

3D printed rubber band Gatling gun "The Arcus" is 100% 3D printable and free on Instructables. It can shoot 48 bands in a matter of seconds.

Caffeine Kick
3D Printed Six Flask Cold Coffee Brewer

If you enjoy cold brewed coffee then this Instructables design might interest you as it offers the ability to 3D print a six flask cold coffee brewer.