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Build an Awesome 3D Printed Rubber Band Gatling Gun

3D Printed Rubber Band Gatling Gun

3D printed rubber band Gatling gun “The Arcus” is 100% 3D printable and free on Instructables. It can shoot 48 bands in a matter of seconds.

Need to impress and/or annoy all your friends? This Rubber Band Gatling Gun is more than enough to let those around you know you mean business.

This may be Matthew Davis’s first upload to Instructables, but the design has already blown up big time. That’s probably because it’s not just a rubber band gun – it’s a powerful, glue-free beast.

Mysteriously named The Arcus, the gun can hold and shoot 48 rubber bands in a matter of second. If you’re skeptical, check out the video footage. The Arcus motors through all four dozen rubber bands like they’re nothing.

3D Printable Rubber Band Gatling Gun (Image: Matthew Davis)
3D Printable Rubber Band Gatling Gun

This may be because of its brilliant design. Its operation is incredibly streamlined, wherein it uses energy from the shot rubber bands to spin the barrels. Once it gets going, it just doesn’t stop.

The barrels are activated by a cam system, which starts the rotation when the user pulls the trigger.

100% Printable, 100% AWESOME

The gun is made to be 100% 3D printed. Given the many tiny pieces, expect the gun to take several hours or even days before it’s finished. The parts can all be printed on a print bed of 200mm x 200mm. But, once printed, no messy assembly or hacking is required!


The Arcus requires no glue or screws and is even made to be (relatively) easily assembled. The parts just snap into place. Davis’s video also includes footage of The Arcus’s assembly. While certainly no short task, it does seem fairly straightforward and pain-free.

On top of being fully printable, the gun also features an arm mount system. This lets the user physically mount the gun on themselves and have the barrels spin around their arm. Users may find themselves feeling a whole lot like Final Fantasy VII’s Barret Wallace.

This is by no means the first 3D printed rubber band gun, but the total printability and self-turning mechanics make it particularly awesome. The Arcus features some truly badass (and, of course, totally practical) engineering.