Save The Rebellion! Save The Dream!
Buy a Nissan Rogue One, Get a 3D Printed Death Trooper Helmet

Ever wanted to sit in the cockpit of a starfighter from Star Wars? With the new Nissan Rogue One you can while wearing a 3D printed helmet.

SLAying the Market
3D Systems Aims For Mass Customization With Figure 4 Platform

3D Systems has unveiled Figure 4, their first scalable, fully-integrated 3D printing platform producing mass customized and end-use parts.

Acronyms Ahoy!
9 Basic Types of 3D Printers – 3D Printing Technology Guide

Read our 3D printing technology guide to learn about the 9 basic types of 3D printers: FDM, SLA, DLP, SLS, SLM, EBM, LOM, BJ and MJ.

Lego-like structures
Researchers Create 3D Printed Structures That Degrade On Demand

Researchers at Brown University have developed a technique for 3D printing biomaterial that falls apart when triggered.

Flying Sparks
SparkMaker 3D Printer: Interview with Co-Founder Blue Zeng

Burning up crowdfunding is the SparkMaker, a budget SLA 3D printer with an impressive feature set. ALL3DP interviews co-founder Blue Zeng.

Living on a Prayer
Stunning Stained Glass Window is 3D Printed from Plastic

When is a stained glass window not a stained glass window? When it's 3D printed and hand finished to look even better than the real thing.

Press X to Begin
Behind the Curtain at PlayStation’s Fabrication Arts and Design Group

At the Sony PlayStation Campus in California, Gary Barth uses stereolithography 3D printing to bring video game characters and items to life.

Affordable Horde
XYZprinting Rolls Out Four New 3D Printing Products in February

Taiwanese 3D printing company XYZprinting is targeting the professional and consumer markets with four new 3D printing products in February.

Tiny Town
3D Print a Tiny Town to Help You Better Arrange Apartment Furniture

A Formlabs engineer is using SLA 3D printing to model and arrange his awkwardly designed future apartment, dubbing it "Tiny Town."

Go West
Westworld UK Premiere Date Revealed in 3D Printed Model

Are you excited about the new Westworld TV show? Sky Atlantic has shared the UK premiere date using an SLA 3D printed model.