Matthew Mensley

Matthew Mensley is not a big fan of writing about himself in third person. He is, though, a fan of writing, punning (the lowest, and most excellent form of wit) and all things tech. Lately he can be found bending the ear of anyone stood still for long enough about the wonders of 3D printing - pockets brimming with fidget spinners.

By Matthew Mensley

Put Your Hackin' Gloves On
This Hack Turns Your Ultimaker 3 into an Ambient Light

The folks at Doodle3D have been tinkering around with the Ultimaker API. Their first test? To take control of the Ultimaker 3's lighting.

Smooth Moves
Neosanding 2.0 3D Printing Technique Smooths Planes Quicker

The creator of the Ironing feature currently in the Cura 2.7 Beta details a new method that offers similar results in less print time.

Kentucky Fried Nightmares
KFC To Put Employees Through Crazy VR Training

The fast-food chain has revealed a gamified take on employee training - a VR chicken inspection and preparation experience.

Anatomic Design
Kickstarter Campaign to Reissue Humanscale Design Guide

Containing over 60,000 reference measurements, the Humanscale collection of books and charts is getting a re-release via Kickstarter.

No Place to Hide
Oddviz 3D Imaging Technique Lets You Peek Inside Buildings

Like something out of a hokey sci-fi movie, this photogrammetry use gives astonishing navigable 3D scans of real buildings.

Wet Science
Custom SLA Solution Makes Innovative Microfluidics Devices Possible

Researchers from Brigham Young University have created a custom SLA 3D printer and resin so they can print tiny microfluidics devices.

Opening Doors
This Open-Source Robot Can Crack A Safe in 30 Minutes

Using cheap open-source hardware and 3D printed parts, a group of hackers have brute-forced their way into a safe at the DEF CON conference.

Gotta STARTT Somewhere
Build a Cheap DIY 3D Printer Kit for $99: The iMakr STARTT

A DIY 3D printer kit for beginners, the STARTT stands apart for good reason: it costs just $99. Learn how to build your own with our guide.

Executive Fishing
Carl Bass, Former CEO of Autodesk, Joins Formlabs Board of Directors

Hot on the heels of introducing new technologies and machines to its lineup, Formlabs announces a valuable addition to its board.

Metal Head
Artist Uses 3D Printing to Create Giant Metal Voronoi Sculpture

To create a sculpture for Georgia Tech's new engineering building, artist Julian Voss-Andreae used 3D printing to optimize his workflow.

A Home For Drones
Dubai’s New Drone Laboratory is 3D Printed from Concrete

Netherlands-based concrete 3D printing firm CyBe completes the latest step in the city of Dubai's path to a 3D printed future.

Buckle Up
World’s 8 Best VR Roller Coaster Rides

The VR roller coaster is awesome. Check out our guide to the tech, the apps & real life examples of VR roller coasters.

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!
Download Free Rick and Morty STL Files from Humble Bundle

Brighten your home with your own 3D printed Mr. Poopy Butthole and Plumbus models, for free, from the philanthropic game store.

Old Dog, New Tricks
Repetier-Host 2.0.1 Update Adds Velocity Painting, New Features

RepRap stalwart Repetier-Host has flipped the switch on its latest update. Version 2.0.1 includes bug fixes, new icons and a few new tricks.

Motor Magic
3D Print Your Own Powerful Brushless Motor

Add a little spice to your hobby crafts with designer Christophe Laimer's guide to build your own powerful 600W brushless motor.