Made in Space

Galaxy Quest
Pink Ribbon will be 3D Printed in Space for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

What do a race car driver, a pink ribbon, and the International Space Station all have in common? Why, 3D printing, of course.

Orbital Printing
Made In Space Completes 3D Printed Radiation Shield Project

Made In Space completes its latest project: 3D printing radiation shields in space and testing them on the International Space Station (ISS).

Live From Space
NASA Livestream: Watch Astronauts Deploy 3D Printed Satellite

Today at 10AM (EST), NASA will livestream a six-hour spacewalk where astronauts will deploy a 3D printed nanosatellite. 

Light Years Ahead
Made in Space Take a Giant Leap with New Archinaut System

Made in Space has developed and demonstrated a system called Archinaut which uses 3D printing and robotic arms to manufacture in space. 

Space-tastic Plastics
New Plastic Allows Astronauts to 3D Print Spacewalk Tools

Made In Space is developing a tough plastic that will enable astronauts to create tools for use in the harsh conditions of space. 

Cosmic Rays
NASA is 3D Printing Radiation Shields for Expandable Habitats

NASA is 3D printing radiation shields on the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module, an experimental habitat on the International Space Station.

Twinkle Twinkle
NASA to 3D Print Laughter In Space with ‘Laugh Star’ Project

The first work of art in space -- the 'Laugh Star' -- will be a 3D printed model of recorded laughter at the International Space Station.

Galaxy Quest
8 out of 10 Astronauts Prefer Remake Software for 3D Printing

3D printing in space requires the right software. Remake from Autodesk allows parts to be 3D modeled on Earth before being sent into space.

International Space Wrench
New ISS 3D Printer Commercializes 3D Printing in Space

3D Printing in space just got cooler with the ISS's first commercial 3D Printer and the start of the “first hardware store in space."

Beyond cool
NASA Funds 3D Printers In Space to Mine, Fly Asteroids

NASA funds the RAMA initiative to use 3D printers in space to mine and fly asteroids. This is why we love NASA.

And You Can Become a Member of the Virtual Crew
Spacecraft “Enterprise” Is Looking for Funding

Enterprise In Space (EIS) and Made In Space, Inc. are working together to launch a 3D printed air frame spacecraft into the Earth orbit.

3D Printers
NASA is sending 3D printer into space

To boldly print where no printer has printed before: Californian company "Made in Space" sends a 3D printer into our orbit.