Growth Industry
3D Printed Hydroponics to Grow Vegetables (or Marijuana)

Living in a big city, with concrete on all sides? Cultivate a bit of green on your windowsill with our guide to 3D printed hydroponics.

3D Printed Rhino Horns to Deter Ivory Poaching?

Biotech startups want to develop 3D printed Rhino horns to sink the illegal trade in ivory. Will this plan cause more harm than good?

Health & Safety
3D Printing & Air Quality: An Interview with Dr. Brent Stephens

Concerned about harmful emissions from 3D printing? Rachel Spieczny interviews Dr. Brent Stephens, author of the paper whose findings startled the industry.

3D Printed Vase Promotes Plastic Bottle Recycling

Upcyle a plastic water bottle into a home for your flowers, using an elegant 3D printed vase by designer Libero Rutilo.

Mother Earth
50% Reduction in CO2 Emissions with 3D Printed Concrete

WASP was founded to 3D print homes from 100% natural resources. With 3D printed concrete, they could cut Carbon Dioxide emissions in half.

Show Me The Honey
3D Printed Beehive: Save the Bees with HiveHaven

HiveHaven is crowdfunding a 3D printed "Bee Box", to save the bees from the pest, disease & overheating issues which threaten bees globally.

Turtle Power
3D Printed Turtle Eggs to Track Poachers

Poachers are the absolute scum of the earth. Conservationists have a new weapon to help fight them: 3D printed turtle eggs with GPS tracking.

Bigger is Better
Building a Bigger, More Powerful Wind Turbine with 3D Printing?

How high can a wind turbine go? Professor Eric Loth hopes to build a 1,650 foot high turbine out at sea and is exploring 3D printing blades.

Stop Eating Your Fleece
Kickstart a 3D Printed Cora Ball and Help Save the Oceans

Prototyped with 3D printing on an Ultimaker 2+, the Cora Ball is designed to stop microfibres from your laundry leeching into the ocean.

Tree of Life
Aqua Shard Has a Shower of 3D Printed Leaves For Christmas

3D printed art installation in collaboration with Sir David Attenborough replaces traditional Xmas tree at Aqua Shard restaurant in London.

Print Green
Landfillament: 3D Printing with Upcycled Trash

Why not try 3D printing with garbage? Landfillament is a trash-based 3D printing filament made using upcycled Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

Saving the Planet
Protoprint Tackles Poverty & Pollution with Recycled Plastic Filament

Protoprint is a social enterprise empowering waste pickers in urban India and turning recycled plastic into filament for your 3D printer.

Home Sweet Hydroponic Home
Grow Veggies & Fish in Your 3D Printed Aquaponic Home

In the future, a self-sufficient 'Aquaponic home' could allow your family to grow veggies and fish without waste or pollution.

Keep Calm and Carrion
3D Printed Eggs Could Save Vultures from Extinction

Vultures are a critically endangered species, but with these 3D printed eggs there's a solution to help them to survive and thrive.

Makers to the Rescue
Flint Water Crisis: Students Create 3D Printed Water Filter

Two students are using 3D printing to combat the Flint water crisis. Can 3D Printed water filter “The Trunk” make a difference?