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All Pokemon (Go) 3D Models for Free


Good news: You can now download all Pokemon 3D models for free to 3D print them. British ROEStudio offers 3D models of 719 Pokemon, including all Pokemon Go 3D models! 

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1. Where Can I Get These Free Pokemon 3D Models?

Download all Pokemon Models right here (1GB!)

Get ready for a big download: To obtain all 719 free Pokemon 3D models, including all Pokemon Go 3D models, you have to download almost 1GB. The models are fully textured and ready for 3D printing or CAD use – there’s a wide variety of CAD formats.

There‘s also a list of the individual Pokemon (Go) 3D models at the end of this article.

2. Who Made These Free Pokemon (Go) 3D Models?

It’s a British 3D studio called „Root of Evil Studios“. According to their site, they are

an amalgamation of technology-based hakery; Whether it’s decrypting models from computer games, building an air-cannon robot, plugins for minecraft, teaching people about cinema grade effects,programming beta Android hardware or just about anything else awesome.

They have captured Pokemon 3D models from nearly every Pokemon game and made them available as free 3D model. Currently, there are 719 free Pokemon models on the Roots of Evil Studio’s server. According to Wikipedia, there are 729 Pokemon, so there are 10 missing.

3. How Do These Free Pokemon (Go) Models Look Like?

They look like this:


What Can I Do With These Free Pokemon (Go) 3D Models?

All the free Pokemon 3D models are available as .obj file – meaning you can import them into a 3D viewer and CAD programs.

This also means you can convert them for 3D printing and 3D print every single one of the 719 free Pokemon 3D models. Careful: None of the models have been tested with a 3D printer, but it shouldn’t be too complicated to 3D print them if you use supports.

After 3D printing the free Pokemon 3D models, you need to color the prints, unless you order a print from a professional 3D printing service and have it printed in full-color.

You can also set any free Pokemon 3D model into a real-life video with this tutorial:

But… is This Free Pokemon (Go) 3D Models List Legal?

It‘s definitely deep in the gray legal zone. Nintendo and GameFreak have all the brand rights for Pokemon; therefore you aren’t allowed to make money or take the IP from them.

On the other hand, Nintendo has been known to be very generous when it comes to fan art – but these free Pokemon 3D models could be taken off the web soon.

Are there Alternatives for Free Pokemon (Go) 3D Models?

Yes, there are several alternatives for you to obtain free a Pokemon (Go) 3D Model.

  1. Pokemon (Go) 3D Model on Yeggi: You can also search for “Pokemon 3D models” or “Pokemon Go 3D models” on Yeggi. As of August 2016, there are roughly 1800 3D printable free Pokemon 3D Models. So it would be a good idea to search for a specific Pokemon (you find a list here) or a use case if you want results. Besides Pokemon statues, you find 3D printable Pokeballs, Pokemon keyrings, Pokemon smartphone cases, Pokemon badges, Pokemon planter… you get the idea.
    Free Pokemon Go 3D models on Yeggi

  2. Free Pokemon 3D Models from Flowalistik: Graphic designer Agustin Flowalistik has done an amazing job on creating 3D printable Pokemon, low-poly style. So far, he has done a free Pokemon 3D model of Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Lapras and Clefairy. You can find more information and links to his free Pokemon 3D models here.

  3. Free Pokemon (Go) 3D Models on MyMiniFactory: If you are looking for free Pokemon and Pokemon Go 3D designs and accessories, MyMiniFactory is also a good place to turn to. 3D printing marketplace MyMiniFactory have specialized in gaming 3D models you can 3D print – and besides free Pokemon (Go) 3D models, there are plenty of other models to explore.
    Free Pokemon Go 3D models on MyMiniFactory

  4. Free Pokemon (Go) 3D Aimer: There’s also an interesting 3D printed Pokemon aim. If you’re having trouble catching some of the Pokemon, there’s a 3D printed solution which should make you catch them all. Read more about it here.

Bonus: Links to All Free Pokemon 3D Models

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