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3D Printed Pokémon – 7 Best Curated Models (And More!)

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by Leo Gregurić
Apr 24, 2019

If you're a Pokémon fan and have a 3D printer at home, why not combine these interests and 3D print your own miniature models? Here's our list of some of the best 3D printed Pokémon models.

3D Printed Pokémon Plenty to Choose From

3D printed low-poly Pikachu model.
3D printed low-poly Pikachu model. Source: FLOWALISTIK / Pinshape

Pokémon first made their presence in 1995 through games for the original Game Boy. This was quickly followed by the anime TV series and a trading card game. More recently, Pokémon made a come-back with the hugely popular Pokémon GO mobile game. Needless to say, Pokémon has been beloved for decades.

This big popularity of Pokémon is responsible for a sea of 3D printable pocket monster models available online. A large percentage of those available are intended to serve as stationary ornaments for a Pokémon fan’s desk. However, to make things more interesting, we’ll also present some of the functional models, like planting pots and keychains.

All the models we present are proven to be 100% 3D printable so that you don’t waste your time on models which aren’t suited for 3D printing. Whether you’re searching for a cool desk ornament, a useful Pokémon themed object, or a cool project to keep you occupied over the weekend, we’ve got something in store for you!


3D Printed Pokémon 700+ Free Pokémon Models!

Kricketot Pokémon 3D model.
Kricketot Pokémon 3D model. Source: ROEStudios

You may be thinking, “Sure, it makes sense that there’s a couple versions of Pikachu, but there’s no way there are models for all of the Pokémon.” Believe it or not, there are. Every single Pokémon character has been turned into a 3D model and made available for download, thanks to Root Of Evil Studios (ROEStudios).

According to their website, their focus is around decrypting models from computer games, meaning they are subject to international copyright law. So if 3D printing at home is what you want to do, don’t worry, there won’t be any law problems as long as you don’t redistribute the models for your own profit. So pick your favorite obscure Pokémon and print away!

Who made it? ROEStudios

Who printed it? The ZIP file has been downloaded by more than 60,000 people.

Where to find it? ROEStudios


3D Printed Pokémon Low-Poly Pokémon Collection

Low-poly 3D printed Pokémon models.
Low-poly 3D printed Pokémon models. Source: Agustin Flowalistik / YouMagine

Who doesn’t love some low-poly figurines, right? These 3D printed low-poly models tend to print nicely thanks to the non-complex shape. They look cute and unique, so why not give them a chance?

The available models include:

Who made it? Agustin Flowalistik

Who printed it? With up to 1,400 downloads for some of the characters, you could say these models are beloved.

Where to find it? YouMagine


3D Printed Pokémon Veronoi Pokémon

A collection of 3D printed Pokémon veronoi models.
A collection of 3D printed Pokémon veronoi models. Source: sir_indy / Thingiverse

Based on the low-poly models, these entirely hollow 3D printed Pokémon models do not require any support material. Printing them in PLA works nicely, but if you’ve got some rubber-like filament, try to print with it. Rubber-like filament combined with these hollow shapes should achieve great flexibility, making them fun to play with!

The author suggests printing with a brim since the base is small and it may not be able to stand still on the print bed without it.

Who made it? sir_indy

Who printed it? 14 Thingiverse users have successfully made this model.

Where to find it? Thingiverse


3D Printed Pokémon Pokémon Planters

A collection of 3D printed Pokémon planters.
A collection of 3D printed Pokémon planters. Source: Kickass 3D Prints / YouTube

These might be the perfect models for a plant-loving Pokémon fan! These models are easy to print, but look awesome! To make the planters more visually appealing, consider painting the models after printing.

Some of the Pokémon planters don’t require supports thanks to their simple geometry. However, some of the others do, so it’s always good to take a quick look at your supports in the slicer to ensure printing goes well.

Who made it? Various Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory users

Who printed it? Many Thingiverse & MyMiniFactory users

Where to find it? Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory


3D Printed Pokémon Pokémon Logo Keychain

Pokémon logo keychain printed on a dual extruder printer.
Pokémon logo keychain printed on a dual extruder printer. Source: WGJE Haarsma / Thingiverse

We all like to personalize our keys with cool keychains. So, why not a 3D printed Pokémon logo keychain? The author included both the design for a single and dual extruder printers. Supports are not required.

Who made it? PAPERCLIP

Who printed it? 3 Thingiverse users have successfully manufactured this model.

Where to find it? Thingiverse


3D Printed Pokémon Fancy a Pokeball?

3D printed and painted Pokéball.
3D printed and painted Pokéball. Source: SpragClutch / Pinshape

It wouldn’t be a proper Pokémon article without a Pokéball, don’t you think? What makes this particular model so special is its ability to open and close. Based on the received feedback from the ones who printed it, the designer flattened the bottom shell to make it print easier. Also, the flat bottom is handy if you want to have your Pokéball exhibited on your desk.

This model prints in several parts, and painting is highly recommended if you want it to look like the “real” thing.

Who made it? SpragClutch

Who printed it? 9 people who printed the Pokéball shared their final results on Pinshape.

Where to find it? Pinshape


3D Printed Pokémon Charizard

Enlarged 3D printed Charizard Pokémon.
Enlarged 3D printed Charizard Pokémon. Source: RCLifeOn / YouTube

Charizard is a classic, right? YouTuber RCLifeOn took on the project of 3D printing Charizard at 500% from the original model to get an ultra-large champion in his 3D printing room. His detailed YouTube video walks you through each step from 3D printing, assembling, post-processing and painting. It’s pretty impressive!

The model is 3D printed in several pieces which require assembly. The original model even has a base for Charizard, making it seem like he’s mid-flight in fiery fury.

Who made it? Alberto Calvo Donate

Who printed it? 6 Thingiverse users have posted successful prints of this model, not to mention the giant version from RCLifeOn.

Where to find it? Thingiverse

3D Printed Pokémon 807 and Counting

Cubone in the desert.
Cubone in the desert. Source: ROEStudios

Are you up for the challenge of 3D printing ’em all? Send us photos if you are!

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