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Cool 3D Printed Toys: 11 Ideas for Children of all Ages

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by Hannah Augur
Dec 22, 2017

3D printed toys are one way to bring more fun, increase customizability (and decrease cost, of course). From monsters and drones to dolls... 3D printing toys is like being a kid in a candy store. Here are some great ideas for 3D printed toys for children of all ages.

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3D printing has brought all kinds of new possibilities for adults… but what about kids? Printing can make their toys cheaper and extremely customizable. Creativity is a major part of growing up, and 3d printed toys should let kids express that.

Also, 3D printing is a great hobby that helps kids expand their knowledge on STEM-related topics.

Here are ten major areas, and ten awesome 3d printed toys that make a great addition to any kids’ collection.

Cool 3D Printed Toys: 11 Ideas for Children of all Ages

Name Ages Available Customizable
Design Your Own Monster 5-15 Worldwide Yes
Draw Something With a 3D Pen  8-99 Worldwide Yes
Play an Unusual Instrument 5-99 Worldwide No
Pimp your Lego 5-10 Worldwide Yes
Customized Racing Cars 10+, and tech lovers pre-order worldwide Yes
Build Your Tabletop RPG Tools 10+ Worldwide Yes
Solve Crazy Puzzles 10+ Worldwide Yes
Build a Drone 12+ Worldwide No
Educational and Fun Parts 9-14 Worldwide No
3D Print Sports Toys 13+ Worldwide Yes
Build a Bottle Rocket 10+ Worldwide Yes

Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea Design Your Own Monster

Image of Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea: Design Your Own Monster

Kids love to draw and design. Why not let them create their own monster? Moyupi takes a child’s drawing and manually turns it into a 3D printed toy monster. The results are stunning and absolutely unique. Also, the 3D printed toys are child-safe (round edges, no loose parts, non-toxic materials) and made from a Lego-like material.

Ages: 5-15.

Price: 34.99 € plus shipping.

Available: worldwide

Customizable: Yes

Where: Find them here.


Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea Draw Something With a 3D Pen 

Image of Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea: Draw Something With a 3D Pen 

You don’t need an expensive 3D printer to have fun with 3D. 3D pens are available for a relatively reasonable price (check here), are very easy to use and great fun for kids. Just think of something and start drawing into thin air. With some practice, you’ll get great results.

You also can exchange colors of the filament. Some 3D pen manufacturers offer models that work without heating the tip, making it safer for smaller kids.

Ages: 8-99

Price: starting from $20

Available: Worldwide. Check a list of all available models here.

Customizable: Yes

Where: It depends on the manufacturer. Amazon offers a big selection.


Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea Play an Unusual Instrument

Image of Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea: Play an Unusual Instrument
3D Printed Toy Instrument

Learning to play an instrument like the piano or guitar is great, but they are notoriously hard to master. Most kids want instant gratification and are open to exploring the unusual. Printing or buying a 3D printed toy instrument, however, is easy — and sometimes much more fun.

But there are a lot of interesting 3D printed instruments out at the 3D printing marketplaces – we’ve assembled a list here. For starters, we’ve picked this Ocarina. A resemblance to the classic NES-Games “Ocarina of Time” is purely intended. Much more fun than the regular recorder.

Ages: 5-99

Price: free downloads.

Available: Worldwide

Customizable: No

Where? If you have a printer, it’s easy to find designs like this one at Thingiverse. You can also order one at Etsy.


Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea Pimp your Lego

Image of Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea: Pimp your Lego
3D Printed Toy Lego Figures

Every kid loves Lego, and every parent knows that they cost an arm and two legs. One cool option is to let kids have their own, personalized Lego 3d printed toy person. Instead of playing with five yellow individuals in the same outfit, they can bring themselves into their magical Lego world: “funky3Dfaces” offers 3D printed heads which you can mount on regular Lego figurines. One of the cooled 3D printed toys to have.

Ages: 5-10

Price: 40€

Available: Worldwide

Customizable: Yes

Where? Get on here.


Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea Customized Racing Cars

Image of Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea: Customized Racing Cars
3D Printed Toy Cars

For boys, toy cars are awesome. So why not 3D print them and make them even cooler? 3D Racers are programmable, customizable, and can run on every service. They headed a killer Indiegogo campaign, and now they are ready for purchase. They come pre-programmed, but they also offer techies a lot of chances to play with coding.

Ages: 10+, and tech lovers

Price: 34.99€

Available: pre-order worldwide

Customizable: Yes

Where? Get them here.


Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea Build Your Tabletop RPG Tools

Image of Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea: Build Your Tabletop RPG Tools
3D Printed Tabletop RPG Sets

For kids and adults who enjoy tabletop role-playing games, 3D Printing has completely changed the rules. Dungeon tools and characters can be found for free for those with a 3D Printer – and there are ample designs to choose from.

When it comes to professional built 3D printed RPG models, Fat Dragon Games is one of the popular places to buy terrain designs. Role-playing game dice can also be downloaded or bought on a marketplace like Shapeways.

Ages: 10+

Price: Varies

Availability: worldwide

Customizable: Yes

Where? see above.


Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea Solve Crazy Puzzles

Image of Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea: Solve Crazy Puzzles
3D Printed Puzzles

Puzzles. The gift every parent wants to give. 3D Printing has given independent designers the chance to make and sell their own puzzles. One example are the adorable “Lock Nester” animals. They vary in size, difficulty, and, of course, animal. Awww…

Ages: 10+

Price: 15-50$

Available: Worldwide. To be printed at a local 3D Hubs near you, or print and shipped Customizable: Yes

Customizable: Yes

Where? Right here.


Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea Build a Drone

Image of Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea: Build a Drone
3D Printed Toy Drones

Drones aren’t just for adults. They are the battery-powered car of today. Micro-Drones from Extreme Fliers are made with 3D printed parts and can be purchased with a camera. The price tag isn’t so small, but, given the quality and cool factor, it’s probably worth it for older kids who want to go zooming through the park.

Ages: 12+

Price: 99$

Available: worldwide

Customizable: No

Where? Find them here.


Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea Educational and Fun Parts

Image of Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea: Educational and Fun Parts
Book about 3D Printing

Kids don’t just like to learn about technology—they need to. What seems outlandish for us is something kids these days will grow up with. “Leo the Maker Prince” is a book that teaches about 3D Printing. Leo is a talking, printing robot who travels Brooklyn with his friend, Carla. Not to mention, all of the characters were made to be 3D Printable, and free designs can be found on Thingiverse.

Ages: 9-14

Price: 12$

Available: Worldwise

Customizable: No

Where? Some items can also be bought online. Info on where to buy the book can be found here.


Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea 3D Print Sports Toys

Image of Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea: 3D Print Sports Toys
3D Printed Penny Board (Image: Simone Fontana)

Sports stars are getting cool 3D printed gear…so why not kids, too? This 3D printed penny board is one easy, cool thing to print. It can also be found all over the internet. It’s on MyMiniFactory, Thingiverse, and Cults. These might be better for those who can print at home, or at a local lab. There are companies who sell 3D printed gear: like Cavity Skateboards who create skateboard decks, or Disrupt, who makes surfboards. But most may be out of the price range for the average kid.

Ages: 13+

Price: varies

Available: worldwide

Customizable: Yes

Where: See above.


Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea Build a Bottle Rocket

Image of Coolest 3D Printed Toys - Idea: Build a Bottle Rocket

This 3D printed bottle rocket was built at a school in the Netherlands. All you need is an old water bottle, some cardboard, a 3D printer, a ping-pong ball and a bicycle pump to propel the rocket into the sky. The kids not only 3D printed the parts themselves, they also designed the rocket parts. This is a great, highly adaptable project for schools or a group of kids. Instructables can be found here.

Ages: 10+

Price: All parts are made from recycled materials.

Available: worldwide

Customizable: Yes

Where: More information here.

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