Big Laser Box
New VIT SLS Printer Launching Soon on Kickstarter

On display at the In(3D)ustry trade show in Barcelona, the VIT SLS is a new benchtop SLS printer coming to Kickstarter at the end of October.

All the Answers
OLO 3D Printer: Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about the OLO smartphone 3D printer on Kickstarter? Of course you are! Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

All the Answers
Trinus 3D Printer: Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about the Trinus 3D printer on Kickstarter? Of course you are! Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Bigger and Better?
M3D Pro is a Major Upgrade from Original M3D Micro

With a bigger build volume, heated print bed, and a new processor system, the M3D Pro is an exciting update to the original M3D Micro.

It's a Monster!
E3D BigBox 3D Printer Review: Unbeatable (Budget) Performer

After great success on Kickstarter, the E3D BigBox 3D printer is shipping to backers. Is it really the high-spec, no compromise machine we were promised?

Oh Snap!
Snapmaker 3D Printer: Interview with Founder Daniel Chen

The Snapmaker 3D Printer is live on Kickstarter. ALL3DP exclusively interviews founder Daniel Chen on the project's background and future.

New Look
OLO Smartphone 3D Printer Renamed ONO

Due to a trademark dispute, the $99 smartphone 3D printer that raised $2.3m on Kickstarter is rebranded from OLO to ONO.

Set Lasers To Fun
Snapmaker Kickstarter Project Teases 3D Printer, Laser Etcher and CNC Milling All-In-One

Say hello to Snapmaker - a three-in-one, all-metal workshop productivity machine heading to Kickstarter for under $200? What's the catch?

Cheap & Cheerful
Everything We Know about 101Hero, the $49 3D Printer

ALL3DP interviews 101Hero CEO Paul Keung about his $49 dollar Kickstarter 3D Printer. When it comes to 3D printing, how cheap is too cheap?

Seeing Double
Why Dual Extrusion Matters: First Look at the Prometheus System

Previewing the new Prometheus System on Kickstarter, Thomas Sanladerer explains why dual-extrusion is the next frontier in 3D printing.

Flying Sparks
SparkMaker 3D Printer: Interview with Co-Founder Blue Zeng

Burning up crowdfunding is the SparkMaker, a budget SLA 3D printer with an impressive feature set. ALL3DP interviews co-founder Blue Zeng.

Mobile Manufacturing
Interview with OLO Co-Founder Filippo Moroni

The OLO Smartphone 3D printer is now live on Kickstarter. All3DP spoke with the team about this intriguing (and affordable) new 3D printer.

Circular Motions
Sculpto Plus is a New, Improved Polar 3D Printer from Denmark

Coming soon to Kickstarter is a technological rarity in the world of desktop fused deposition modelling, the Sculpto Plus Polar 3D printer.

How Tuna Be Good
Fishy Filaments: Eco-Friendly 3D Printing Project for Local Communities

Fishy Filaments is a startup which wants to help local fishing communities recycle their old fishing nets and turn them into usable filament.

Total USB of the Heart
Rapidly Prototyping the Eclipse USB Charger with Ultimaker

Sick and tired of messy USB charging cables? Native Union has a solution called the Eclipse, which was rapidly prototyped with 3D printing.