Bridge Over Troubled Metal
MX3D’s Long-Awaited 3D Printed Bridge Project Evolves & Progresses On

Originally started in 2015, MX3D and Autodesk share an update on their ambitious project to 3D print a functional steel bridge in Amsterdam.

Through the Keyhole
Apis Cor 3D Prints a Small House in 24 Hours for $10,000

Construction company Apis Cor shows us the future of residential housing; a building 3D printed in just 24 hours at a cost of $10,154 dollars.

Cosy 3D Printed Dome
MIT’s Autonomous Construction Rig 3D Prints Affordable Homes

MIT researchers are developing an autonomous construction rig that uses 3D printing and robotics to quickly create structures.

Water Under
World’s First 3D Printed Pedestrian Bridge Completed in Madrid

New pedestrian bridge designed by the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is 3D printed with micro-reinforced concrete.

Brick to the Future
3D Printed Office Building Unveiled in Dubai

Dubai touts their new "Office of the Future" as the world's first 3D printed office building, and it looks gorgeous.

One Infinite Loop
Dutch Architect to 3D Print a Möbius Strip Building

A Dutch architect is planning to use a unique 3D printer to construct a large building in the shape of a "Möbius Strip" infinite loop.

King of the North
Winterfell from Game of Thrones is 3D Printed in Cement

Plans are afoot to build a new tourist attraction in Russia, a scale replica of Winterfell from Game of Thrones that's 3D printed in concrete.

Rise of the Machines
Artificially Intelligent 3D Printer Creates “Daedalus Pavilion”

Ai Build showcases Daedalus Pavilion at the GPU Technology Conference in Amsterdam, a 3D printed structure built by intelligent robots.

Shaky Foundations
3D Printed Houses by Zhouda: Was it Just a Billion Dollar Scam?

Reports circulate that Chinese company Zhouda duped investors for billions of dollars, based on ability to build a house from 3D printed parts in 3 hours.

Building the Future
The Cogiro Construction Robot Can 3D Print Buildings

Spanish engineers unveil Cogiro, the world’s first cable-driven robot that is capable of 3D printing small buildings.

Construction From the Heart
Caterpillar Collaborates With Surgeons to Print Heart Models

Caterpillar is helping doctors 3D print heart models in an unlikely collaboration with OSF Healthcare in Illinois.

Sky's the Limit
Could Cazza Build the World’s First 3D Printed Skyscraper in Dubai?

Cazza is a Dubai-based start-up which has released ambitious plans to use "crane printing" and build the world's first 3D printed skyscraper.

Lawn Of The Dead
3D Printed Zombie-Proof Autonomous House from PassivDom

Tongue firmly in cheek, Ukrainian tech startup PassivDom sets its sights on changing the world with affordable, off-the-grid housing.

Europe’s First 3D Printed Pavilion Built with Additive Construction

A 3D printed pavilion inspired by nature is a first in Europe, showcasing the future of sustainable architecture with additive construction.

Nice Furniture
“Fossilized” 3D Printed Concrete Structures by Amalgamma

Forget chunks of ugly 3D printed concrete. “Fossilized” by Amalgamma uses a new method for printing concrete that yields unbelievable results.