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This Week on All3DP: 3D printing eyes, Batman props

This week on ALL3DP
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Another week with plenty of interesting stories on All3DP. Where to start reading?

To help you decide what to read first, we selected our favorite articles published on All3DP during the week. Read more about an Italian company claiming to 3D print eyes by 2027. And find out how 3D printers can be (mis)used to make music.

Must-read story: Do They Really Want to 3D Print Human Eyes?


3D printed organs are making progress. Now Italian company MHOX claims they will offer 3D printed eyeballs by 2027.

3D printed organs aren’t new. But what MHOX want to achieve is not an enhancement for the human eye, it’s a whole substitution of a sensory organ with improved features and additional gimmicks. Their name for the 3D printed organ is this stroke of genius: EYE (Enhance your Eye).

Must-read story: Machine Music on 3D Printers is Actually Pretty Good

What is machine music? When the stepper motors in a 3D printer move, they produce a tone related to their speed. Listen and be amazed!

The primary purpose for a 3D printer is, uh, 3D printing. But did you know you could also use it to play music? A fair number of machine music enthusiasts have done exactly that, and while the results may not give Taylor Swift any sleepless nights, they still sound impressive. So: What’s the principle behind this kind of machine music?

Thing of the week: Joker mask

This Joker Mask requires a dental checkup.
The Joker Mask requires a dental checkup.

Take part in the Arkham Knight Batmania with this 3D printed Joker mask, guaranteed to frighten even the Batman himself.

Stefanos Anagnostopoulos created the 3D printable files for this ghoulish mask and made them available on My Maker Factory. So, expect to meet a few Joker impersonators wearing his mask on San Diego Comicon.

And while we’re at it: Fans of Batman and the Arkham Knight video game can get busy with 3D printers to make their own Batman: Arkham Knight props.

The best of the rest

Drawn furniture Kickstarter
Drawn furniture from Kickstarter

1. 3MF, a new format for the age of 3D printing

2. If you love 3D printed furniture: head over to Kickstarter

3. 3DBenchy is a jolly 3D printing torture test

4. Tough resin contest giveaway by FormLabs

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