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Franz Grieser has been working as a freelance journalist/editor and book author for 30 years; his works have been published by German, American and British publishing houses. He is an expert in IT, printing technology, new media and 3D printing.

By Franz Grieser

Updated: 3D Slash 2.0
3D Slash Review: 3D Modeling Made Super Easy

3D Slash proves that 3D modeling doesn't need to be rocket science. V2.0 is even easier to use. For more details, read this 3D Slash review.

3D Printing Know-how
3D Printing Speed: How Fast Can 3D Printers Go?

What's the fastest 3D printing speed? And what impact does the 3D printer's speed have on the duration of the print process?

3D Printing How To
What Resolution Can 3D Printers Print?

When we talk about 3D printer resolution, we have to take all 3 dimensions into consideration: resolution on the XY and the Z axis ...

3D printing basics
3D Modeling Skills: Learn with Free Tutorials

You'll need time, practice, and a bit of trial and error to develop your 3D modeling skills. Here are some free resources to get started.

3D printing how to
First Steps With Your New 3D Printer

Got a new 3D printer? This article guides you through the first steps and provides you with a lot of ideas and free 3D models you can print.

3D Printing Tools
7 Basic 3D Printing Tools to Get Started

You plan to do some 3D printing sessions? You will need some tools you may not have thought of. Make sure to get these basic 3D printing tools.

Objects of Desire
3D Printers That Makers Want in 2016

Which are the most wanted 3D printers in 2016? That's the question 3D Hubs asked its members, some of the most dedicated 3D printer users in the world.

3D modeling made easy
3D Slash Gets Text and Logo Modes

3D Slash adds two new modes that allow you to create 3D text and 3D logos easily: Just type the text or import an image file - 3D Slash does the rest. 

3D printing basics
3D Printing Search Engines: An Overview

Looking for free models ready for 3D printing? There are two major meta search engines covering all relevant 3D model repositories.

3D printing basics
3D Printing Quality Issues: 10 Tricks To Avoid Them

Whether you're new to 3D printing or a seasoned user: These 10 tricks will help you improve 3D printing quality.

Software review
Simplify3D Review: The Best Slicer for 3D Printing

What does it do? Is it the best slicer for 3D printing? How does it compare to Cura? This Simplify3D review will give you the answers.

3D Printing How To
How does 3D printing work?

Everybody has heard about 3D printing. But what is? And how does it work? All3DP gives a short overview over the various 3D printing methods.

Aid for your buying decision
FDM vs SLA: 3D Printing Explained and Compared

FDM vs SLA: All3DP compares these competing 3D printing technologies and explains which technology to use for which purpose.

3DBenchy in White Polyamide
Shapeways & Alternative 3D Printing Services Compared

What can you expect if you have a 3D model printed by services like Shapeways? 3D printing services compared for quality, price and speed.

Make money with 3D printing
Selling 3D Printed Items on Amazon: a Step by Step Guide

Learn all about selling 3D printed items on Amazon, plus tips and tricks to ensure that your custom designs will sell like hot cakes.