Holy 3D Printers, Batman!

3D Printed Batman Props for Arkham Knight Fans

Arkham Knight

Biff! Bam! Kapow! Fans of the Dark Knight Detective can get busy with 3D printers to make their own Batman: Arkham Knight props.

Tomorrow is the release of the new Batman: Arkham Knight video game, where early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. It all adds up to a ton of excitement and expectation around the ‘last’ in the trilogy of award-winning games. And some bat-fans can barely contain their excitement, like Julian Checkley, who’s spent weeks using a 3D printer to build a stunning cosplay replica of the fabled bat-costume.

Whilst the result is undeniably cool, not all of us feel the need to hop about on rain-slick rooftops while dressed in plastic. Folks with access to a 3D printer can join in the fun with slightly more modest Arkham Knight projects, like the ones we’ve selected below. Wanna make your own utility belt, or a batarang, or bat-signal? Read on, dear reader, read on.

Batman Bust with a Busted Nose

Arkham Knight Bust3D modeller Leo Haslam designed this incredible bust of the Caped Crusader for a personal project, and was generous enough to upload the files to Thingiverse for others to print and remix. Looking at the source files, that imposing chin needs quite a few overhang supports.

Printing off the model is only the first step to greatness, however. It’s also worth painting the bust to give it some texture and cool detailing; it really adds to the final result. Check out that bloody nose!

If this version is not to your liking, several other alternatives are available here and here, which are actually based off the 3D modelling files from video games released prior to Arkham Knight.

You can also print off a giant size LEGO Batman, fully articulated, and relieve the epic douchebaggery of his character from The LEGO Movie.

Batman Beyond Utility Belt

Batman Beyond Utility Belt

The utility belt is an integral part of the Batman mythos, which the pointy-headed sociopath would use to stash all his gadgets and gizmos about his person.

Standard features included batarangs (more of which later); plastic explosive; tear-gas; and the infamous bat-shark repellent from the Batman movie from 1966.

This project from maker Harchy33 is a 3D printed and painted utility belt based on the classic Batman Beyond animated TV series. The design includes an LED light which can be toggled on and off.

The belt is perfect for cosplay, or tackling a riot, or perhaps just as a fashion-forward accessory for your next cocktail party.

Desktop Bat Signal

Bat SignalThe Bat Signal is traditionally stationed on the rooftop of the Gotham City Police Department, where Commissioner Gordon would summon Batman whenever he was needed for a tricky case.

This is a miniature version of the Bat Signal by maker StupidInventor, which is designed to sit on your desk and annoy everyone in the vicinity.

Use it to summon fellow workers when it’s time for a meeting. Or call over the intern when you want a coffee. Or shine it in the face of your boss when he walks over to reprimand you about breaching office etiquette.

Bat Symbol Cookie Cutter

Batman Cookie CutterThis one is pretty self-explanatory. This is a thing to make cookies in the shape of the Batman insignia, as dreamt up by maker Buhi.

We can imagine Alfred the Butler, Bruce Wayne’s loyal confidante, using this tool in the kitchen at the dead of night. And then presenting Robin the Boy Wonder with a plate of bat-cookies and a glass of milk.

But an important note of warning. Only a few materials currently available for 3D printing – like ceramic – are actually food-safe. If you make this cookie cutter in ABS or PLA, there’s a strong chance you’ll make yourself extremely unwell in the process.

Approach this project with caution!

Arkham Knight Batarang

Arkham Knight BatarangLast, but not least, we have the Arkham Knight Batarang, as designed by Stefanos Anaganostopoulos and uploaded to My Mini Factory.

The Batarang is the standard tool on Batman’s war on crime, typically flung with pin-point accuracy to dent the skulls of mad-men and hoodlums. It can also be used to crack open a beer.

This is a variation of the Batarang inspired by the video games. Thanks to the design and placement of a pair of magnets, the Arkham Knight Batarang flips open with a flick of the wrist.

Check out the vine loop to see the design, manufacture, and playtest of this cool little toy.

Image source: Thingiverse, My Mini FactoryKamil Krawczak