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Joker Mask is Stuff of 3D Printed Nightmares

Joker Mask
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Take part in the Arkham Knight Batmania with this 3D printed Joker mask, guaranteed to frighten even the Batman himself.

DID YOU KNOW? This is the 75th anniversary year for the creation of the Joker. For three quarters of a century, the Clown Prince of Crime has tormented the Batman with his crazed brand of supervillainy. Honestly, it’s enough to drive anyone batty.

The secret of the character’s longevity is reinvention. Through the decades, legions of writers, artists and actors have put their own spin on the Joker, and he’s appeared in a diverse assortment of comic books, TV shows, films, and video games.

Key depictions range from Caesar Romero’s harmless buffoon in the 1960s TV show, to Mark Hamill’s cackling scorpion in the cartoons and video games, and most memorably to Heath Ledger’s agent of chaos in The Dark Knight.

Death of the Family Joker Mask

This Joker Mask requires a dental checkup.
This Joker Mask requires a dental checkup.

The inspiration for this 3D printed ghoulish Joker mask, meanwhile, is rooted very much in the current incarnation from the comic books.

For reasons too complicated to explain here, the madman has ripped off his face. And then reattached the rotting skin to his skull using clips and straps. For a complete backgrounder, seek out the Death of the Family graphic novels at your local bookstore.

Maker Stefanos Anagnostopoulos is the chap responsible (who previously showed us how to 3D print a batarang), and his invention is a gift to crazed cosplayers everywhere. With the San Diego Comicon looming on the horizon, there are going to be a lot of folks sporting these Joker masks.

The files are free to download from My Maker Factory. The print job itself is broken into six separate parts, which must be assembled and painted for the final look. And if you don’t have access to a 3D printer, you can upload the files to our 3D Printing Price Comparison to find the best online 3D printing service to order them from.