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10 Cool 3DBenchy Variations – 3D Print Your Own Fleet!

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by Mika Yeap
Jul 31, 2018

3DBenchy is likely one of the most famous 3D printed models of all time. Commonly used as a benchmark print, "Benchy" has seen a modern revival through some creative modifications.

1. RC Benchy

RC Benchy in its native habitat.
RC Benchy in its native habitat. Source: Thullen / Thingiverse

The original 3DBenchy was intended to be a fun benchmark model to test 3D printers, but this variation is something else entirely. We’re starting with a pretty high bar: a radio-controlled 3DBenchy.

This model by Thingiverse user Thullen is a fully-functioning RC boat that resembles the original palm-sized Benchy we all know and love. With a simple electrical setup and thorough waterproofing, you’ll be racing this oversized Benchy down a quiet stream in no time!

Who made it? Philip Thulin (Thullen)

Where to find it? Thingiverse

2. Ben the Floating Benchmark

A couple of floating 3DBenchy's next to an original Benchy.
A couple of floating 3DBenchy's next to an original Benchy. Source: vandragon_de / Thingiverse

vandragon_de was frustrated with the original 3DBenchy’s lack of flotation, so he designed this version to be sea-worthy. Or rather, bathtub-worthy. With some added details and furnishings, this floating benchmark is a natural replacement for the original since it even takes about the same amount of time to print. Besides, you owe it to yourself to brighten up your bathtub, so download this model from Thingiverse and start building your fleet!

Who made it? vd print (vandragon_de)

Where to find it? Thingiverse

3. Battle Benchy

Bombs away!
Bombs away! Source: higuerajoey / Thingiverse

If you’re of the opinion that good things only get better when you put weapons on it, this Benchy is for you. DecoTOAST on Thingiverse remixed this one from a battleship design and even claims it can double as a keychain.

Who made it? Cody Decoteau (DecoTOAST)

Where to find it? Thingiverse

4. Shipwrecked Benchy

RIP. Source: DecoTOAST / Thingiverse

If you’re positively terrible at producing a good quality 3DBenchy, here’s a wrecked version that looks naturally broken. Jokes aside, the details here, particularly in the corals, are quite remarkable. Redemptioner fixed the original design by DecoTOAST in order to aid printing. So at least if your printer struggles with the small details, you’ll know it’s not a file issue.

Who made it? Red (Redemptioner)

Where to find it? Thingiverse

5. Nimitz Benchy

A printed Nimitz Benchy.
A printed Nimitz Benchy. Source: Hobson318 / Thingiverse

If you can make a 3DBenchy with turrets on it, why not make an aircraft carrier version? This variation, meant to resemble a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, can be found on Thingiverse. It’s creator, Hobson318, remixed it from another Nimitz Benchy to make the details even more accurate.

Who made it? Matthew Calabrese (Hobson318)

Where to find it? Thingiverse

6. Shiver Me Timbers Benchy

Benchy turns bad.
Benchy turns bad. Source: Brian Whitney / MyMiniFactory

For a more challenging torture test, why not try this pirate ship variant? The sails and finer details make optimizing your printer a bit more interesting. And if you feel like cheating, you should scale this design up as it makes an excellent display piece.

Who made it? Brian Whitney (BrianWhitney)

Where to find it? MyMiniFactory

7. "Groot I Am Benchy I Ride"

A wacky Benchy print.
A wacky Benchy print. Source: ajpacho / Thingiverse

Our first question is, why? After you get past the initial confusion, though, this makes for a pleasant display model. At the very least, use it as a table centerpiece to kickstart conversations.

Who made it? Craig Garrard (scoutshady)

Where to find it? Thingiverse

8. Benchy at Sea

A beautiful wave display decorated with silver Sharpie.
A beautiful wave display decorated with silver Sharpie. Source: Crussty / Thingiverse

It’s not a variation per se, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t cool. Why just have a Benchy sitting on the table when you can display it majestically riding the crest of a wave into the sunset?

We recommend printing this in a color that’s not blue for added creative flair. Because isn’t it more impressive for your tugboat to surf a lava wave?

Who made it? Travis Jackson (nexnox)

Where to find it? Thingiverse

9. Voxel Benchy

A printed Voxel Benchy.
A printed Voxel Benchy. Source: Basherbob / Thingiverse

Sometimes, you don’t have to change much to make a design feel completely different. And that’s certainly the case with this blocky, voxel-ized Benchy by Thingiverse user Coder0001.

We especially like this design both because of the trendy style and the added challenge of printing all those little overhangs. Displayed next to a regular 3DBenchy, this design will clearly reveal the chic Maker you really are.

Who made it? Matt Strong (Coder0001)

Where to find it? Thingiverse

10. Bathtub Boat

Benchy's beautiful cousin.
Benchy's beautiful cousin. Source: vandragon_de / Thingiverse

As we’ve already seen, vandragon_de makes some detailed boat models. Another one of his noteworthy creations is this fine bathtub vessel, which can be found on Thingiverse. With details finer than the original 3DBenchy as well as flotation capabilities, this model is one of the most satisfying ones to print on the list. Still, we would love it if someone made an RC version of this…

Don’t forget to check out this designer’s other models, too, because the ones we included here certainly don’t do justice to his fantastic work. 

Who made it? vandragon_de (vd print)

Where to find it? Thingiverse

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