Thing of the Week

What a Lovely Raspberry Pi Emulator!
14 Year Old 3D Prints a Videogame Console

A young maker creates a beautiful 3D printed portable gaming device using an Ultimaker 2, Autocad 123D and a Raspberry Pi.

Thing of the Week
Terminator Skull: 3D Print The Coolest Robot Skull

In the wake of "Terminator Genisys", there are great 3D printable Terminator designs. This 3D printed robot head is one of the coolest.

Thing Of The Week
3D Printed Frankenstein Light Switch

The nice thing about this 3D printed Frankenstein light switch plate is that it won't kill everyone you love and drive you crazy like the infamous monster.

3D Printable Space Probe
New Horizons Pluto 3D Model Available for Free

NASA's 3D model database lets you download and print the New Horizons Pluto probe, and many more historical conceptions of past missions.

Thing of the Week
3D Printed Bike Carrying Handle

The bike carrying handle is the best solution for those locations where it’s inappropriate (or just downright impossible) to go while on your bike.

The Empire Strikes Back
Funky Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Models for 3D Printing Day

International 3D printing day has come and gone, but these low-poly Darth Vader and Stormtrooper models by Agustin Flowalistik make a nice souvenir.

Thing of the Week
3D printed Keycaps for PC Keyboards

Check out these 3D printed keycaps. Shapeways carries a nice collection of keycaps - from Play, Mail and Calculate to Lego and Pokemon themes.

Thing of the Week
3D Printed Deathly Hallows Dice Set

Put a little 3D into your D&D with this cool 3D-printed Deathly Hallows dice set.

Thing of the Week
3D printed Headphone Holder

You sure don’t want to throw your expensive headphones on a shelf when you're finished with them. Maker Tosh has a great solution.

Thing of the Week
3D Printed Anti-social iPhone Case

The anti-social iPhone Case: your ticket to improved efficiency, greater productivity, more meaningful relationships, economic stability... and world peace.

Thing of the Week
3D Printed Scooter Snow Shoes

Three steps to winter fun: (1) Remove wheels from your favorite scooter. (2) Attach 3D printed snow shoes. (3) Find a snowy hill. Instant winter fun!

Thing of the Week
Joker Mask is Stuff of 3D Printed Nightmares

Take part in the Arkham Knight Batmania with this 3D printed Joker mask, guaranteed to frighten even the Batman himself.

Thing of the Week
3D Printed Vape Pen Clip Maintains Mellow Vibes

Don't let gravity harsh your mellow, man. This 3D printed Vape Pen Clip is a stylish, customisable accessory for your smokeless cigarette.

Thing of the Week
3D Printed Walking Gyroscope Modeled on Lapsed Patent

Invented in 1981, the Walking Gyroscope is a cool toy that uses centrifugal force to move. Here's an open source 3D printable version.

Thing of the week
Custom Rubik’s Cube in Braille

A bit of compassion, some adhesive tape and a 3D printer turned a decidedly “sighted” puzzle game into custom Rubik’s Cube for the blind.