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3D printed Headphone Holder

3D Printed Headphone Holder
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Sure it’s simple but I like maker Tosh’s solution for the “What do I do with my #$@% expensive headphones” dilemma.  And yes, that is a real dilemma – especially as headphone prices have skyrocketed over the past few years (thanks Dr. Dre!).

You can print this headphone mount in pretty much any color.

But seriously, some high-end, studio-grade headphones can cost almost $400!  You don’t just want to throw those on a shelf when you’re finished with them.  Even $100 for a set of headphones feels like a bit too much to pay.  That being said, I’m not a sound engineer and I can’t speak to the value these high-end headphones must provide.  Regardless, leaving these things lying around to be bumped off a table, spilled on, crushed, or otherwise treated badly seems like something you’d want to avoid.

That’s what makes this 3D printed headphone holder such a gem.  Now you can carve out a place for your gold-plated, diamond-studded ear speakers away from the dangers of life.  What’s more, you’ll never forget exactly where they go because the “hook” is labeled.  Thanks Tosh!  I do get a kick out of objects that reference themselves (my bookshelf made out of books is shipping from Amazon as we speak).

You sure can’t have enough in studios (source: Thingiverse)

Seriously though, this is a unique idea with uses ranging beyond the obvious.  How about changing the word and using the hook to hang (empty) bags?  Or what about printing your name instead of “HEADPHONE” so you don’t get your multiple pairs of $400 headphones mixed up with all the others?  How about using this as a doorplate?  It certainly would be different.  Let your imagination stretch and I’m sure you’ll find all kinds of uses for this creative design.

Plans for Tosh’s headphone holder can be downloaded from If you don’t own a 3D printer, please continue below.

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