What a Lovely Raspberry Pi Emulator!

14 Year Old 3D Prints a Videogame Console

3d printed arcade

A young maker creates one of the most beautiful 3D printed portable gaming device using an Ultimaker 2, Autocad 123D and a Raspberry Pi.

Fourteen year old Rasmus Hauschild proves what can be achieved when combining your passion with 3D printing technologies. He developed a 3D printed case for his own portable arcade machine.

Using an Ultimaker 2 3D printer and Autodesk’s simple to use 123D online tools, Rasmus designed and realized a cool-looking case that resembles the classic Nintendo GameBoy. The casing features highly detailed and colorful buttons, the classic cross analog thumb stick and an “on/off” button on the front.


All this project took 209 hours and 320 meters of filament to make.

What lies inside is a Raspberry Pi computer with amplified speakers running a set of emulators for Nintendo, Atari, Playstation 1, ScummVM etc. The device can be connected to a TV set or output its signal on the built-in screen.

Portable Raspberry Pi game console
Portable Raspberry Pi game console

The screen used is a low-cost, low-resolution 480 x 320. That‘s quite sufficient for most retro games. When in portable mode, the device is “fueled” by a rechargeable 6000 mAh battery. It is supposed to last for about five hours of play.

You can download Rasmus’ files for free at Thingiverse.


The past few years have been marked by the rise of single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi, the Cubieboard or the upcoming BBC Micro. These low-cost computers inspire people to create custom interactive objects like custom cases and portable enclosures like this one. Moreover, and as these computers are often used in clusters to get more power by combining them, 3D printers give the possibility to create modular cases for multiple boards like this tower case that looks and works beautifully.

Thingiverse is literally filled with such casing models.