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3D Printed Vape Pen Clip Maintains Mellow Vibes

This 3D printed Vape Pen Clip is a stylish, customisable accessory for your smokeless cigarette. 

Can we just clarify something? No-one here at ALL3DP is a smoker, and we don’t condone the practice. What’s more, our collective knowledge about these new-fangled vape pens could probably be scribbled on the back of a cigarette packet. In other words, don’t expect an extensive commentary about the benefits and drawbacks.

But we can definitely recognise a savvy idea when we see one, and maker thenothing’s (a.k.a. Fisher Matt, or more likely, Matt Fisher) Vape Pen Clip is a prime example. The beauty of this tiny chunk of 3-D-printed plastic is that it fills a very real need. Without the Vape Pen Clip, your nicotine delivery mechanism is in danger of rolling across, and off, your desk, and will probably get broken in the process. Guaranteed to harsh your mellow, man.

Vape Pen Clip is Portable, Customisable

What’s extra cool about this design is that it’s portable. Take a cursory look at other vape pen clips, and you’ll find large, clunky things that are more at home on your desk than in your bag or on the road. In theory, these little clips can stay attached to your pen at all times, so you never have to worry about the eternal struggle between gravity and a cylindrical object.

Plus, you can personalise this little geegaw by printing the Vape Pen Clip in your favourite colour (or colours). One maker had the bright idea to colour the white filament with various shades of Sharpie ink (before the production process), which resulted in a psychedelic tie-dyed look that complements your smokeless cigarette perfectly.

Download plans for the vape pen clip from Thingiverse.com. If don’t have a 3D printer upload the files  to our 3D Printing Price Comparison to find the best online 3D printing service to print it for you.

License: The text of "3D Printed Vape Pen Clip Maintains Mellow Vibes" by All3DP is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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