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Jurassic World Fans: T-Rex Pendant for $8000?

t-rex pendant

How much do you love dinosaurs and the Jurassic era? Enough to spend over $8,000 dollars on a 3D printed T-Rex pendant in platinum?

There’s a little film called ‘Jurassic World‘ being released this weekend. You might have heard of it. The media blitz heralding the release of the CGI spectacle starring Chris Pratt has been harder to avoid than a rampaging herd of velociraptors. It’s the third in a line of sequels to the popular franchise created by Michael Crichton and Steven Spielberg, and Spielberg is back again as executive producer.

But hey, if you’re a fan of dinosaurs and all things Jurassic, we’re not one to judge. In fact, if you’re in the market for a unique object that spans the worlds of 3D printing, jewellery AND dinosaurs, we’ve got just the thing for you. It’s a 3D-printed T-Rex Pendant.

T-Rex Pendant in Platinum or Plastic?

The work of independent designer 3DCloud, this snazzy little number is miniature T-Rex skull with a loop running through its jaws to hold a chain. The T-Rex Pendant would look simply divine around the neck of your favourite cavewoman (or caveman), not least when hunter-gathering around the local watering hole or the prehistoric plains.

Now the price tag of $8,735.99 in solid platinum is perhaps a little steep for most punters. And the 18K solid gold variation going for – we’re not making this up – $4,053.99 dollars is still pretty hefty. But good news! You can also purchase in a variety of colours and materials for as low as $20 bucks a pop (see below).

At that low price, you could conceivably order a whole bunch of T-Rex Pendants in a rainbow of colours. Create a colourful garland of dinosaur skulls. And then hide it in a box of popcorn to scare the heck of your prey.

Ready to bite?

Pendant size: 0.991 x 1.006 x 1.775 in / 2.516 x 2.556 x 4.508 cm
All pendants are 3D printed in high quality by the leading 3D printing service Shapeways.

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