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3D Printed Anti-social iPhone Case

“Distraction is the mother of all procrastination.” No doubt maker SimplusDesign had a similar thought running through its pretty little head when it came up with the idea for the Anti-social iPhone case.

During the 2014 Thingiverse.com Make-A-Thon Design Challenge, makers were tasked with creating “something useful.”  Instead of making a useful object, SimplusDesign made something that makes you more useful.  Their object was so popular, it won the challenge hands down.

Fight the distraction

According to the item description, the Anti-social iPhone Case helps you fight the constant distraction of checking your phone by covering the screen – slipping onto the front of you iPhone rather than the back – in order to keep you focused.  If that weren’t enough to keep your hands off your tech, the case is inscribed with the simple command to “focus.”

Currently, this case is only available for the iPhone 6 but, no doubt, plans are in the works to tailor this case to other iterations of the iPhone and perhaps even other brands.

In fact, plans can be downloaded from Thingiverse (All3DP provides a useful Chrome Plugin here.)

You could modify the files to fit your size phone. This would be a great way to learn how to work with the digital files necessary to 3D print an object.  What’s more, you could even modify the inscribed word to suit your fancy.  Something like, “You should be writing!” (that only works if you should be), “Touch me and I’ll scream!”, or “Too much and you’ll go blind!” seem appropriate to the situation.

Download the iPhone case here

The Anti-social iPhone Case is your ticket to improved efficiency, greater productivity, more meaningful relationships, significant weight loss, economic stability, and world peace.  Alright, maybe I went a bit too far with those claims but the Anti-social iPhone Case can certainly help with the first two.

We’ll have to wait and see on the world peace thing.

License: The text of "3D Printed Anti-social iPhone Case" by All3DP is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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