3D printed musical instruments

DIY Print’n Beep
This DIY OKAY Synthesizer is Fully 3D Printed

Imagine listening to a street musician. The groove is great, so you’d like to join in with a nice little melody. Enter the OKAY synth.

Jam On!
15 Groovy Ideas for Homemade Musical Instruments to DIY

Playing instruments is fun, but building them yourself is even better. Why not DIY your own homemade instrument?

Roadies Can Make
23 Essential 3D Printed Items for Musicians on Tour

If you’re on tour, you need these 3D printed items for musicians. Spare parts and little gizmos help you to stay organized and keep your sanity.

The Answer, My Friend, is Blowin’ in the Print
Autodesk Software Turns 3D Prints Into Wind Instruments

Autodesk has developed software that turns 3D prints into wind instruments. Just tweak some settings and you’re ready to play.

Darth Fader
3D Print your DIY MIDI Controller

Want to let your virtual instruments or DJ console shine? Build your DIY MIDI controller with faders, an Arduino, and a 3D printed case.

Play that Funky Music
Download and 3D Print Your Acoustic Violin

Formlabs celebrated their new formulation of Formlabs' White Resin by creating a fully-functional, 3D printed acoustic violin.

3D Printing in the Music Classroom

What would happen if a music classroom had access to a 3D printer, and if a music teacher included 3D printing in their lessons?

3D printed musical instruments
3D Printed Instruments For Little Money

Looking for amazing things to print, we're taking a look at the musical section of the 3d printed world. You can get them even if you don’t own a 3D printer

Big Bang for the Buck
Build a DIY E-Drum with a 3D Printer

If you’re looking for a way to build or expand your drum kit, here are some great DIY drums you can build for just some bucks.

Heavy Metal
This is the World’s First 3D Printed Aluminum Guitar

Barbwire, roses and a great look: This beautiful 3D printed guitar not only looks great, but it’s also 3D printed from aluminum powder.

Mull of Kintyre, Anyone?
3D Printed Robot “Ardu McDuino” Plays The Bagpipe Chanter

"Ardu McDuino" is an Arduino-powered, 3D printed bagpipe chanter robot. We’ve seen great 3D printed instruments... this is just unbelievable.

Customize your gear
Roland and V-Moda: An Unusual Partnership (And Some 3D Printing)

Japanese music technology giant Roland announces a partnership with hi-fi headphones company V-Moda. So, how does this involve 3D printing?

Challenge Accepted
Sound of Delivery: Dutch PostNL 3D Prints a Trumpet In Transit

The Dutch PostNL has fabricated a musical instrument en route to trumpet master Eric Vloeimans in awesome short film, Sound of Delivery.

Now, A Song In The Key of Ponies
You Don’t Need An Excuse To Want This “Zoolophone”

Zoolophones. Yes, they are the adorable animal-shaped musical metallphones of your dreams...And they're 3D printed.