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3D Clock: 6 Great DIY Clock Projects to 3D Print

3d printed clock
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Want your own DIY 3D Clock? We show you the best projects from a mechanical 3D printed clock to a great Raspberry Pi Zero clock project.

DIY 3D Clock to 3D Print #1: Structure Clock

Structure Clock

What’s ticking? This is a relatively simple wall and table clock with an interesting structure you can even modify. You do this by setting up your slicer with an infill pattern of your choosing. From honeycomb to triangular or wiggly bits, the final look of the clock is up to you and your preference on style and percentage of the fill. The clock features a hook as well as a stand.

Who designed it? Martin Žampach, the Creative Director of

Is it difficult to make? No, this one should be quite easy.

Where can I get it? Here at Thingiverse.

DIY 3D Clock to 3D Print #2: Bicycle Wheel Clock

Bicycle Wheel Clock

What’s ticking? This 3D printed clock was made from discarded and donated bicycle components with a little help of 3D printing. You basically print the hardware around the bicycle wheel and put everything together. Besides some screws and nuts, you need a high torque clock mechanism, which you can get quite cheap at shops like klockit,

Who designed it? Maker slipstream after an idea by by pixelthis on Etsy.

Is it difficult to make? No, not at all.

Where can I get it? At Thingiverse.

DIY 3D Clock to 3D Print #3: Holo Clock

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What’s ticking? This 3D printed clock is based on a single geared stepper motor, which you can get for around 10 bucks. The motor is basically a 1:30 geared motor working at 12v with a 3mm shaft. According to the Thingiverse description, „the single motor is driven by a attiny2313 and uln2803 circuit with the coded written in Arduino ide. The single motor moves a gear train which in turn moves the minute ring and hour ring. The attiny pulses the motor every minute to move the minute wheel and the hour wheel.“

Who designed it? This was made by Ekaggrat.

Is it difficult to make? You need some skills not only in 3D printing, but also in handling Arduino projects.

Where can I get it? You can find the designs at Thingiverse and the software at GitHub.

DIY 3D Clock to 3D Print #4: Tourbillion Watch


What’s ticking? This is insane: If you buy a watch with a Tourbillon, you get the most delicate complication in horology, usually for a hefty price. After New York watchmaker and horologist Nicholas Manousos designed a scaled 3D printed tourbillon, maker TheGoofy took the model to perfection. The 3D printed clock is not made for timekeeping, as it runs only for 30 minutes and the accuracy is roughly one second deviation within one Minute, depending on your print settings. But it’s a great way of understanding the mechanism of a tourbillon.

Who designed it? Maker „TheGoofy“ designed the 3D printed clock in Autodesk Fusion 360 and printed it on an Ultimaker 2.

Is it difficult to make? It looks a lot more difficult than it actually is, but you should have some experience in building thing.

Where can I get it? Right here.

DIY 3D Clock to 3D Print #5: Word Clock

Word ClockWhat’s ticking? It‘s an interesting weekend project and also a great looking clock. You’ll print the „light wells“ and front plate for this 3D printed clock, add some diffusors and LED’s. Then it’s time to add some electronics and implement the software.

Who designed it? It‘s a design by DrHatch.

Is it difficult to make? It’s not an easy task building this 3D printed clock.

Where can I get it? All the information you need you’ll find at Instructables.

DIY 3D Clock to 3D Print #6: Raspberry Pi Zero Clock


What’s ticking? At the first glance, this 3D printed Raspberry Pi Zero clock might be a bit over the top for a Raspberry Pi Zero. But think how versatile a 3D printed Raspberry Pi clock can be: It could automatically adjust across time zones based on its IP address, track your latest amazon order, show the traffic status or even trigger external gear for tickling your feet if you don’t want to get up.

Who designed it? It‘s made by Robert Sheldon a.k.a. rsheldiii.

Is it difficult to make? No. This is a relatively simple build that requires some soldering, but all off-the-shelf components.

Where can I get it? All you need is right here at Thingiverse.

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