3D Printing! And robots! (Two things we happen to love)
3D Printed Robots – 25 Robots You Can Buy, 3D Print, or Build

Fancy a 3D printed robot for your home? Here’s a list of the best 3D printed robots you can 3D print in one go, assemble or even buy as a kit.

So Many Projects, So Little Time
30 Best Arduino Projects (You Can DIY with a 3D Printer)

Looking for a DIY Arduino project to challenge your maker talents? Here are the best Arduino projects you can DIY with a 3D printer.

Better safe than sorry
12 Awesome 3D Printed Arduino Cases

Protect your beloved Arduino from damage with a 3D printed Arduino case! Here are the best 3D Arduino cases to 3D print.

Smart Glasses
Build an AR Headset for $60 with Arduino and 3D Printing

This AR headset made with Arduino and 3D printing is capable of showing the date, time, text messages, plus gesture-controlled photography. 

Make Time
Chronio is an Arduino Smartwatch With 3D Printed Case

Fancy building your very own smartwatch? The Chronio is made using an Arduino and a 3D printed case, and the battery lasts several months.

Arduino Arm-y
EduExo is a 3D Printable Exoskeleton Kit on Kickstarter

No longer the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters, EduExo is a Kickstarter project that offers a 3D printable exoskeleton powered by Arduino.

Don't Taste the Rainbow
Candy Sorting Machine made with Arduino and 3D Printing

This ingenious candy sorting machine can blitz through Skittles or M&Ms in minutes, made with Arduino, RGB sensors, and 3D printed parts.

Prophelix is a Holographic Display Made with Arduino and 3D Printing

Fascinated by holographic displays? Then Prophelix -- made using Arduino, 3D printing, and thinkness -- is going to blow your socks off.

Do Try This At Home
Great Space Exploration Projects You Can Build at Home

Soon, NASA’s Juno probe will send images from Jupiter. Until then, we’ll satisfy our scientific desires with DIY space exploration projects.

Freshly Cut Robot
3D Printed Arduino Lawnmower Keeps Your Lawn Tidy

Adorable. Cheap. Printable. Automatic. Clever. The 3D Printed Arduino Lawnmower "Ardumower" is designed to take care of your lawn. 

Good Boy!
Human Designs 3D Printed Dog Feeder with Arduino

If you've ever woken up to a wet nose in your face telling you “Feed me! It's breakfast time!” this Arduino 3D Printed Dog Feeder for you.

Review Autodesk 123D Circuits
Autodesk 123D Circuits Review

123D Circuits is a online circuit development and simulation tool. Autodesk offers it free of charge from the official 123DApp website - here’s our review.

Still Alive
This is a 3D Printed Aperture Science Sentry Turret from Portal

Using Arduino, 3D printing and thinkness, engineering student pays tribute to his favorite video game with an Aperture Science Sentry Turret.

Tiny Traffic Tots
Little Tike Cozy Coupe Customized with Arduino & 3D Printing

Clever dad transforms his daughter's Little Tike Cozy Coupe toy car into a custom ride using Arduino, 3D printing, and an imaginative spark.

Magic Box
The Programmable Box Helps Kids Learn How to Code

The Programmable Box is a flexible programming platform based on the Arduino processor and contains numerous devices to help teach kids.