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3D Print a DIY Dice Tower for RPG or Tabletop Games

dice tower

Regular player of tabletop games? Then you need a 3D printed DIY dice tower. From the ridiculous to the sublime, there are fantastic designs to choose from.

Tabletop gaming is thriving in the digital age. And why not? Whether it’s a traditional game of Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit, or something more modern like The Settlers of Catan, the appeal of gathering friends and family around a well-designed board-game is timeless.

But hey, some of these games can be a little… complicated, eh? Massive playing areas, hundreds of little pieces, plus cards and rulebooks to keep track of. And lest we forget, there’s the most important piece of all: the dice.

To ensure you get the fairest and most stylish roll possible, consider 3D printing a DIY Dice Tower. This is typically a high structure with an opening at the top and bottom. Simply drop in your dice and gravity does the rest, and typically there are bumpers inside the tower to make the roll truly random.

3D printing communities like Thingiverse have a multitude of brilliant designs, whether to enhance your play or just to make you smile, and we’ve shortlisted our favorites here. Depending on how ambitious you’re feeling, each project has varying degrees of complexity.

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1) Printable Dice Tower

printable dice tower

Let’s kick things off with this elegant little number, a dice tower with a curved structure. Plus, if you fabricate it with a transparent filament, you’ll also be able to watch the progress of the dice tumbling downward through the tower. Perfect for those board-game sessions where trust is an issue…

(Thingiverse Download)

2) Remixed Folding Dice Tower


Fair warning, the motif of castles and turrets will be a recurring theme in this list. This model has two outlets for the dice, with two folding trays to capture them. It’s actually a remix of another design, without the folding trays attached. Take your pick, whichever works best for you and your gaming style.

(Thingiverse Download)

 3) Round Dice Tower with Spiral Stairs


You may think that making a dice tower is a simple thing, but you’d be wrong. It’s actually a complex feat of engineering. How, for example, would you like the dice to fall? Will this design, the dice are made to tumble down a spiral staircase and come to rest in a tray. It’s positively medieval!

(Thingiverse Download)

 4) The Dice Tower of Fate

dice tower of fate

Now THIS is a true labor of love. The Dice Tower of Fate bears an uncanny resemblance to Castle Grayskull from Masters of the Universe. But it doesn’t roll off the printer looking this awesome straightaway. It’s assembled from many parts, and requires a dash of paint to provide spooky texture. BONUS: The Tower of Mystique is a remix that allows you to change the faceplate depending on the game.

(Thingiverse Download)

 5) Compact Dice Tower

compact dice tower

Fangs? On a dice tower? Pah! From the ridiculous to the sublime, this compact design hasn’t got time for any fancy-schmancy adornments. Just print the little bugger in two parts and quickly assemble for immediate use. The tray also folds away when not in play.

(Thingiverse Download)

 6) Modular Dice Tower

modular dice tower

Perhaps your dice tower is too… short for your liking? No problem, this 3-piece modular design lets you create a stackable structure that’s as high as you want. But it’s worth considering the time it takes for the dice to reach the bottom if you tower is too tall. Also: subsidence. Lofty ambitions may result in a leaning tower of dice-a.

(Thingiverse Download)

7) Generic Dice Tower


This model is as simple as they come, but with a nice tactile shape that’s still in keeping with the ever-popular castle motif.

(Thingiverse Download)

 8) Spiral Dice Tower

spiral dice tower

Another simple all-in-one design — the model is entirely flat and featureless — which can be printed off in short order with zero supports.

(Thingiverse Download)

 9) Dice Tower Bone Remix

dice tower bone remix

Does this design look familiar? That’s because it’s a remix of the Printable Dice Tower at the top of this list. The skeleton structure is really rather striking, like a cage made of bones. It’s a wonderful example of how designers can build on the work of others.

(Thingiverse Download)

 10) Three Path Dice Tower

three path dice tower

Is this the leading contender for the most awesome dice tower EVER? Conforming to the tried and tested castle archetype, it has not one, not two, but three pathways for tumbling dice. Rather cleverly, the tower is printed and assembled in pieces, with hidden magnets holding the parts together. Perhaps it’s overkill, but we think it’s brilliant.

(Thingiverse Download)

 11) Assembled Dice Tower

assembled dice tower

This is a curious design, which isn’t printed as a single piece. Rather, the separate bits are fabricated and then screwed together. We’re thinking it may have been easier to print as a single unit, but it certainly does the job it was designed to do.

(Thingiverse Download)

12) Dice Tower with Swappable Trays

dice tower with swappable trays

The beauty in this design is not just because it brings something new to the castle motif (a square tower!), but because it features swappable trays. If the round landing area is too small for your dice, then you can modify with a long rectangular tray — plus guardrails — that’s roughly the size of Barbie’s swimming pool.

(Thingiverse Download)

 13) Tiny Dice Tower

tiny dice tower

Just like the name implies, this model is teeeeeeny tiiiiiny. But hey, where tabletop space is limited, it should suffice. There’s also an optional funnel for over-enthusiastic dice throwers.

(Thingiverse Download)

 14) Castle Tower with Movable Gate

castle dice tower with moveable gate

Another variation on the castle archetype, this model has an adjustable gate on a hinge that you can open or close to let your dice roam free. We did say there’d be a lot of castles on this list…

(Thingiverse Download)

15) Pirate Shipwreck Dice Tower

pirate shipwreck dice tower

No wait, we take it back, THIS is the most awesome dice tower EVER. Firstly, the pirate shipwreck gets props for breaking away from the tyranny of castles. Secondly, it’s kind of telling a funny story while also being a functional print. Makes a perfect pairing with The Seafarers of Catan expansion kit. Hitting the pirate bay, indeed.

(Thingiverse Download)

 16) Hexagon Dice Tower


A solid, robust, functional design… in the shape of a castle. *Sigh* But hey, for the sake of variation, this one is in the shape of a hexagon! Yay!

(Thingiverse Download)

17) Dice Tower for The Dark Eye RPG

thedarkeye dice tower

This model was specifically designed to accompany a German RPG called “Das Schwarze Auge”, otherwise known as The Dark Eye. But it’s a great piece of work, and could easily be applied to other tabletop and RPG games. The tray also doubles as a snug lid for the top of the tower when not in use.

(Thingiverse Download)

 18) Avengers Dice Tower

avengers dice tower

Fans of the Marvel Universe can build this rather cool Avengers dice tower, designed to complement Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron game. Reenact all your favorite superhero battles from the comfort of your tabletop. Plus, the tray is detachable if you’d prefer to live dangerously.

(Thingiverse Download)

 19) Green Lantern Dice Tower

DIY dice tower green lantern

Not to be left out of the fun, there’s a Green Lantern Dice Tower to complement the DC Dice Masters: Justice League game. Why it’s been printed in red and not green, we don’t know. But it looks very cool!

(Thingiverse Download)

20) Pachinko Dice Tower

If none of the above are complicated enough for you, then may we present the 3D printed Pachinko Dice Tower? Perhaps the supreme pinnacle of DIY dice towering design. All that’s missing is a couple of turrets and some fancy stonework…

(GitHub Download)