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3D Printed Clock: 19 Great Projects to Tell the Time

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by Claire Sembera
Nov 2, 2017

Today our world seems as though it's moving faster than ever. Print yourself some time with a 3D printed clock.

Once upon a time, time was relative and a 3D printed clock was unnecessary. There was dawn when the sun peeks over the ridge, high noon when the sun is right above you, and dusk when it ducks back under the horizon. Everything in between was “morning”, “afternoon”, or “night”.

Today, time rules everything. It rules when you get up, go to work, leave work, eat dinner, catch the train, meet friends, and so on and so on. One must always be aware of the time, at least to some extent. Time, in a sense, has become a ruler of our world, making it important to have adequate devices to keep you on the ball.

When one thinks of a device for telling time, they likely think of a typical analog clock, or perhaps that digital alarm clock on their night stand. In fact, however, there are a many different methods and clock designs.

The world of 3D printing became fascinated with the sundial that displays the digital time in 20-min intervals, but the world of unique ways of displaying the time is much broader than this one fascination. That’s why we’ve compiled the best of these unique DIY 3D clock designs that can be 3D printed here, just for you.

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Mechanically Powered

This 3D printed clock is a beaut. It has a typical analog face, but runs via an anchor escapement like a typical old pendulum grandfather clock. As a bonus, it has a skeleton face that allows you to see the gears moving. This skeleton pendulum clock will keep you mesmerized for hours.

Designer: Christoph Laimer

Everything you need for this DIY project is on Thingiverse.

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3D Printed Clock Clock with Tourbillon

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Clock with Tourbillon

This clock winds up using a knob on the back. The minute and hour hands are the little orange tokens on the outer edge, with the seconds hand cycling in the middle.

Designer: Christoph Laimer

It’s all on Thingiverse.

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Watches and clocks with a 3-axis tourbillon escapement are a rare, coveted bird in the clock making  world. By adding in a third axis, the clock is able to negate the need for gravity and operate in any dimension and at any orientation. This specific design was inspired by Vianney Halter’s “Deep Space Tourbillon”  and you can see it in action here.

Designer: Adam Wrigley

Gear yourself up with Thingiverse.

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3D Printed Clock Cuckoo Clock

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Cuckoo Clock

MakerBot went all out with decorating this one. It’s a gorgeous cuckoo clock, framed nicely with sprigs of autumn leaves. The leaves don’t come with this print – but the 3D clock itself is rather fancy on its own.

Designer: MakerBot

It’s nesting on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Clock Bullzeye Clock

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Bullzeye Clock
Whether you’re on the pro- or anti-side of the penny argument, you nonetheless likely have pennies lying all over the place, with little use for them. Luckily we have a solution for you right here – build this penny weight driven mechanical gear 3D clock.

Designer: Dan Michitsch

Head over to Thingiverse to put those extra pennies to good use.

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Electronically Powered


3D Printed Clock Hollow Clock

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Hollow Clock

This clock is like a backwards analog clock. Instead of the hands coming out from the middle, they point in from the outer circle, leaving the circle face itself hollow. See it in action here.

Designer: ekaggrat

Find it on Thingiverse.

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3D Printed Clock Plotclock

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Plotclock

Whatever you’re doing right now, stop and watch this clock in action. This clock will write out the time, erase it, and write the next minute, a minute later. You will never be more fascinated by or wasteful of time than with this clock.

Designer: Johannes

This awe-inspiring design is on Thingiverse.

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3D Printed Clock Word Clock

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Word Clock

This is a great looking 3D printed clock that makes for an interesting weekend project. You’ll print the “light wells” and front plate, add some diffusers and LEDs, connect some electronics, implement the software, and voila! You’ll have a very unique 3D clock.

Designer: DrHatch

All the information you need you’ll find at Instructables.


3D Printed Clock Raspberry Pi Zero Clock

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Raspberry Pi Zero Clock

At the first glance, this 3D printed Raspberry Pi Zero clock might be a bit over the top for a Raspberry Pi Zero. But think how versatile a 3D printed Raspberry Pi clock can be: It could automatically adjust across time zones based on its IP address, track your latest Amazon order, show the traffic status or even trigger an external gear for tickling your feet if you don’t want to get up.

Designer: Robert Sheldon a.k.a. rsheldiii

All you need is right here on Thingiverse.

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Classically Powered


3D Printed Clock Bicycle Wheel Clock

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Bicycle Wheel Clock

This 3D printed clock is made from discarded bicycle components with a little help of 3D printing. You basically print the hardware around the bicycle wheel and then put everything together. All you need besides some screws and nuts is a high torque clock mechanism, which you can get quite cheap at shops like klockit.

Designer: Tzu Tzian Hwang

It’s on Thingiverse.

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3D Printed Clock Structure Clock

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Structure Clock

This is a relatively simple wall and table clock with an interesting structure you can even modify. You do this by setting up your slicer with an infill pattern of your choosing. From honeycomb to triangular or wiggly bits, the final look of the clock is up to you and your preference on style and percentage of the fill. The clock features a hook as well as a stand.

Designer: Martin Žampach, the Creative Director of Be3D.cz

It’s ticking on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Clock Table Clock

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Table Clock

Looking for an oddly-shaped 3D printed clock? Then this nice design is just for you. It’s got a second layer which you can see shining through the design – so there are interesting color variations available for this DIY clock.

Designer: Michele Badia

If you want this 3D printed clock, check out MyMiniFactory.


3D Printed Clock Miniclock

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Miniclock

Here we have two variations of a miniature DIY 3D clock – simple (left) and sophisticated (right). The base designed looks a bit like a classic IKEA design, with the “sophisticated” version allowing for dual tones.

Designer: Chang Won Joo

Both the simple and sophisticated version of the 3D printed clock are on MyMiniFactory.


3D Printed Clock Twitter Clock

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Twitter Clock

A lovely 3D printed clock resembling the Twitter logo. To get a nice see-through effect, best 3D print this clock without supports and a 10 percent infill with blue transparent filament.

Designer:  Gonzalo Rodríguez Nolasco

This Twitter 3D printed clock can be found on MyMiniFactory.



3D Printed Clock MakerBot Watch

Image of 3D Printed Clock: MakerBot Watch

A watch for those who don’t want an ostentatious fashion statement. Here is offered the base for a typical wrist watch – just add in a watch face. The band is made of links that snap together/apart to form the perfect fit.

Designer: MakerBot

It all starts with Thingiverse.

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3D Printed Clock Large Scale Divers Watch

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Large Scale Divers Watch

This ‘watch’ was made for your desk. It’s a giant model of a divers watch with a fully flexible band and clasp, which means you can set it to be supported and tilt up towards you.

Designer: Franc Falco

To find this 3D printed clock, take a dive into Thingiverse.


3D Printed Clock Flintstone Sundial Watch

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Flintstone Sundial Watch

Good ole Flintstone inspired sundial wrist watch for when you need the time on the go. This watch is guaranteed to never run out of battery.

Disclaimer: May not be accurate. But is a stellar fashion statement.

Designer: edd ed

Find this dazzling accesory on Thingiverse.

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3D Printed Clock Jigsaw Clock Game

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Jigsaw Clock Game

If you have kids at home, you know how difficult it is to teach them the concept of a clock. This 8-piece jigsaw clock puzzle will help a lot. The makers suggest you also write up a pack of cards with the time written on in different ways, example; Quarter to 3, 5 past 2, 4 Forty, half past 1, etc.

Designer: Cel Robox

You find this DIY clock on MyMiniFactory.


3D Printed Clock Lunar Phase Clock

Image of 3D Printed Clock: Lunar Phase Clock

While this clock doesn’t exactly fit into the time telling theme of this article, we thought it was worth sharing. It doesn’t tell the time, but it is rather a clock that shows the lunar phase cycle. The light/shade interface moves to mirror the visible moon in the sky.

Designer: G4lile0 Galile0

This moon lies among the stars, and Thingiverse.

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