Good News for Zortrax Users

Zortrax News: Get a Free Robot Arm

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3D printer manufacturer Zortrax has three big surprises: their new M200 Model Library, free robotic arm designs and a big contest.

When it comes to reliable 3D printers, the polish company Zortrax is one of our favorite companies. They led (and completed) an successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, and even filled an order for 5,000 printers from Dell. Their current machine, the M-200 (which we have reviewed here), was highly appreciated and still liked by many makers. Now, Zortrax is trying something new.

1. A Model Library for Zortrax Users

A model library for Zortrax users (image: Zortrax)

Much like Thingiverse and Youmagine, Zortrax has created a Model Library specifically for users to share and store designs. This library will be integrated into the company’s software, meaning saving and accessing files is just about as hassle-free as it gets. It’s designed specifically for easy editing and adjusting, making your newest print only a click away.

2. A Robotic Arm As Give-Away

Get a grip with this lovely 3d printed robotic arm (image: Zortrax)

On top of building up a database of knowledge and engineers, Zortrax also wants to share something special with their users… a robotic arm.

You don’t have to be a Zortrax user to get the files for free.

In order to show users what the M200 3D printer is capable of, Zortrax wants any and everyone to have access to their favorite design. And why not? Is there a better way to inspire people than give them instructions for a robot arm? Just by visiting their website here and entering your email address, Zortrax will send you the files.

3. A Contest for Makers

To further ramp up excitement for the premiere of their Model Library, Zortrax is also holding a contest for all curious makers. Submissions can be posted by logging in to the Model Library here by October 12th. By uploading your original creation with the tag #Contest2015, your submission will be judged by Zortrax engineers.

First place even receives an M-200 3D Printer.

The real reasons behind the Model Library are rooted in a desire to create and spread creativity. While their printers are being widely used, there is a slight disappointment that 3D Printers are often used to just print orders. Rather than sending an order to a 3D Printer, Zortrax wants users to feel empowered enough to design and create their own. If robot arms don’t make you feel empowered, then what will?