Turn Your 3D Printer into a Full-Color Candy Machine

Full-Color Candy

Are you prepared to get messy and turn your 3D printer into a full-color candy printer? Because Colorpod is a sweet-toothed hacker’s dream.

3D printing technology provides options for you to print either in multiple colors or edible models made from sugar. Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to do both?

Aad van der Geest has devised a system called Colorpod which does exactly that. It incorporates both techniques in one sweet and colorful treat, by modifying a standard desktop 3D printer to create full-color printed candy.

Yes, to implement the system might be substantially more complicated than using a plug and play machine (or buying candy from a store), but the results look worth the effort.

Check out the video below to see how the full-color sugar printing hack works:

Taste the Rainbow with Full-Color Candy Prints

If you’re prepared to hack your own 3D printer and have it cranking out candy, then you’ll need to purchase a custom controller board direct from van der Geest. This will cost $349.00 plus shipping.

You’ll also need to 3D print a set of mounting brackets for the HP ink cartridges used for coloring, which van der Geest has shared online. Check out the instructions here for the full details. 

There are two different options depending on whether you want to print (non-edible) plastic in color, or whether you’d rather the sugary alternative. You can find both here. You will also need a vacuum pump, which you can make yourself if you plan to print candy.

Although van der Geest provides food safe materials, be sure to read up on 3D printing and food safety first! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Finaly, if the whole process seems beyond you, seek out something like Candy Mechanics or the Magic Candy Factory for an easier alternative.

Source: Makezine

Full-Color Candy