Chocolate Selfie

Candy Mechanics Will Turn Your Head into a Chocolate Lollipop

candy mechanics

Candy Mechanics are a start-up company based in London who offer to model a chocolate lollipop on your head. Narcissism and chocolate in one irresistible package.

There’s an emerging trend for 3D printed confectionery goodies, but these 3D printed lollipops have an interesting twist. Candy Mechanics are a start-up company based in London who can model a chocolate lollipop on your head — so you can munch on your own cranium.

The company was created by Sam Part and Ben Redford, whose website says they have “a deep love for making ridiculously awesome stuff.” As well as the two founders, there is also an in-house chocolatier, Will Leigh.

Candy Mechanics had a six week trial in the Selfridges department store in London, but are now on a “three man mission to make sure the world can eat its own face.”

Sounds appealing? Sam Part told a bemused BBC: “It seems to be a good time, the millennials and Facebook and Instagram, everyone’s taking selfies — why not lick your own face?”

However, this unique form of vanity doesn’t come cheap: “A good example is that we’ve got a party this weekend, we’re making 200 lollipops and it’s going to cost £800,” said Sam.

candy mechanics

How does Candy Mechanics Model a Human Head?

The process begins by scanning the face of a customer with a 3D scanner, and then uploading the files into CAD software. The model is then used to create 3D printable file, and the resulting print is used to create a plastic mold.

Sam said about the benefits of using a mold (rather than printing each new face): “You can produce many of one thing rather than spending hours printing one. We actually think that you get a better representation of someone’s face by using a mold.”

A chef then fills multiple molds with chocolate, and these faces are cooled in a fridge before they’re finally ready to be eaten.

Although this process may too complex for just one novelty lollipop, perhaps an occasion like a milestone birthday party is the perfect excuse to let your friends eat your face.

If you’re interested in finding out more, you can head down to the candy cave at Makerversity — Somerset House, New Wing, Lancaster Place.