3D Printed Sweets: Katjes Opens Magic Candy Factory in Berlin

Magic Candy Factory

German candy company Katjes unveils a new 3D fruit gum printer in Berlin. We paid a visit to the Magic Candy Factory and sampled their wares.

DSC_0050At the end of Rosenthaler Straße in the city of Berlin, you will find the Katjes Cafe Grün-Ohr. Katjes may not be internationally known, but they are one of the biggest candy manufacturers in Germany. They’re especially popular for their vegan-friendly sweets.

Last week they unveiled a new addition to their popular candy shop, the Magic Candy Factory. Walking through the candy (and cupcake) filled cafe, you come to a quaint window looking directly into “The Factory” itself. A solitary machine on display is perhaps the very first of its kind, a 3D fruit gum printer.

Stocked with cartridges of varying colors, it takes practically no time for your order to go from computer to adorable boxed snack. Best of all, it works its 3D printed magic right before your eyes.

The Magic Candy Factory’s Director Melissa Snover is proud to explain that their product is natural and vegan, comprised mostly of sugar, fruit extract and pectin. Almost as if reading my mind, she tells me that the blue gummies are colored with Spirulina, a plant that doubles as an all-natural food coloring.

They already have 10 flavors, countless designs, and even the option to add sour flavor or glitter. Prices range from €5-10.

Magic Candy Factory is… Magic!

DSC_0047_editThe process begins on a small electronic tablet, where you choose your design, flavor, and finish. Once that’s done, the machine is prepped and the printing begins.

You can watch as your candy is constructed, piece-by-piece and color-by-color. The process only takes about 5 minutes before the candy is wrapped up in a cute little box to be taken to the cash register.

When asked which flavor is best for a taste-test, Snover doesn’t even hesitate before responding: all of the flavors taste great. Staring at the squishy blue lettering and bright red octopus, I was slightly skeptical. After all, candy is for kids, right? It always tastes artificial, and leaves you desperately needing to chug a tall glass of water.

But a few nibbles and the answer is clear. The Magic Candy Factory’s gummies taste really good — far better than you’d expect from something that, at first, seems borderline gimmicky. Fears that the 3D printed candy will be a “one-off” quickly dissolve once you finally get to taste them.

It’s not only a fun experience seeing new technology first hand, but also the candies are crazy delicious. Flavors include Cherry, Apple, and Mango. But if you’re the indecisive type, a Rainbow medley is also available.

The Katjes wine gum printer is obviously a game changer for candy creation and retail. It mixes taste, creativity, and a whole new “wow” factor. Moreover, if you’re lucky enough to be in Berlin area, The Magic Candy Factory experience is more than worth the small €5 price-tag.

If you want to see The Magic Factory in action but can’t pay a visit to Berlin, check out this great video from RUPTLY: