30 Wonders of the World 3D Printed

Take a fascinating journey through geography, history, art and architecture with these 3D printed wonders of the world.

It’s easier than you think
3D Printing Architecture Models – A Beginner’s Guide

3D printing architecture models have become an interesting alternative. Learn how to easily 3D print your architectural models.

Start Building!
3 Best 3D Architecture Software Tools You Should Use

Are you looking for an architectural software? Here is a list of the best 3D architecture software to choose from.

Plastic Future
Munich Researchers Develop Multi-Functional 3D Printed Building Facade

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich have developed a 3D printed facade that combines design and function.

Take Shelter
DUS Architects Build 3D Printed Urban Cabin in Amsterdam

The Urban Cabin is a 3D printed proof-of-concept by Dutch studio DUS Architects, offering sustainable micro-dwellings in urban environments.

One Infinite Loop
Dutch Architect to 3D Print a Möbius Strip Building

A Dutch architect is planning to use a unique 3D printer to construct a large building in the shape of a "Möbius Strip" infinite loop.

Impressive Printing
Hong Kong Students Create World’s First 3D Printed Terracotta Pavilion

Students from the University of Hong Kong baked 2,000 bricks to create the world's first 3D printed terracotta pavilion.

3D Printed House
Going to Amsterdam? Visit the 3D printed house

“3D Print Canal House” is the first project to explore the possibilities, limitations and possible implications of a full-size 3D printed house.

Changing Architecture
VULCAN: The World’s Biggest 3D Printed Architectural Pavilion

Unveiled at Beijing Design Week 2015, VULCAN holds the Guinness World Record as the world’s largest 3D printed architectural pavilion.

Flying the Flag
3D Printed Europe Building in The Netherlands

For the Dutch presidency of the EU, the Europe Building has an eyecatching facade of 3D printed bioplastic panels (fully recyclable, of course).

Miles of Tiles
3D Printed Patterned Landscapes of Cyprus

These 3D printed patterned landscapes will have you booking your next holiday to the historical country of Cyprus in a heartbeat.

Sitting Pretty
3D Printed Zaha Hadid Chair at Venice Biennale

In celebration of the late Zaha Hadid, the Architecture Biennale in Venice will showcase her innovative work, including a 3D printed chair.

Rise of the Machines
Artificially Intelligent 3D Printer Creates “Daedalus Pavilion”

Ai Build showcases Daedalus Pavilion at the GPU Technology Conference in Amsterdam, a 3D printed structure built by intelligent robots.

Water Under
World’s First 3D Printed Pedestrian Bridge Completed in Madrid

New pedestrian bridge designed by the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is 3D printed with micro-reinforced concrete.

Tree of Life
Aqua Shard Has a Shower of 3D Printed Leaves For Christmas

3D printed art installation in collaboration with Sir David Attenborough replaces traditional Xmas tree at Aqua Shard restaurant in London.