3D printed shoes

3D Printed Shoes
Step Into the Future of Shopping with a 3D Printed Shoe

3D printed tailor-made, perfectly fitting shoes are no longer too far fetched. Step out with style!

Lace up!
3D Printed Shoes: An Overview

3D printed shoes, as it seems, are standing on firm ground (pun intended). Here‘s an overview of the business and models of 3D printed shoes.

New Products and Partnerships!
Formlabs Expands Into New Horizons With Fuse 1 & Form Cell

Formlabs launches the Fuse 1 selective laser sintering 3D printer, and the Form Cell, an automated production solution for the Form 2.

One Foot Forward
Under Armour Release 3D Printed “Architect” Sneakers

Finally! 3D printed sneakers you can buy and wear! But they're made in limited quantities by Under Armor and will cost three Benjamins a pair.

Just Don't Call Them Crocs
Prevolve is a Custom Shoe Company 3D Printing “BioRunners”

Prevolve is a startup using 3D scanning and 3D printing to develop "BioRunners", custom sports shoes which perfectly fit your feet. 

3D Printed Shoes
Walking on 3D Printed Works of Art

How would you like to walk on a true work of sculpted art? Italian Designer Cristina Franceschini can make it happen with 3D printed shoes.

Shoes & Cars: 3D Printing Aspirations & Reality

Will 3D printed athlete’s shoes ever be more than an elite brand marketing? Rachel Park takes a look at the shoes & car industries.

Feetz on the Streetz
3D Printed Shoes by Seth Aaron at Portland Fashion Week

At FashioNXT Week in Portland this October you'll be able to buy a sustainable shoe, designed by Seth Aaron and 3D printed by Feetz.

Best Foot Forward
Nike Jumping into 3D Printed Shoes with Prodways

Sneaker giant Nike partners with Prodways on 3D printed shoes to reduce manufacturing time and cost, while enhancing performance for wearers.

Wiivv Funding Custom 3D Printed Sandals On Kickstarter

Canadian company Wiivv Wearables has just launched its second Kickstarter campaign - 3D printed sandals customized to scans from your phone.

Born to Run
Brooks Running Uses Connex3 3D Printer for Rapid Prototyping

Everything at Brooks Running can now "Run Happy" thanks to the implementation of a Connex3 3D printer which is speeding up prototyping.

3D Slam Dunk
PEAK Launches the World’s First 3D Basketball Boot, Tested by Dwight Howard

Sports brand PEAK has developed the world's first 3D printed basketball boot, worn and tested by basketball player Dwight Howard.

Opening Pitch
Cleveland Indians’ Pitcher Starts Season in 3D Printed Cleats

Cleveland Indians' star pitcher Corey Kluber kicked off the season in New Balance cleats equipped with 3D printed plates.

Best Foot Forward
Would You Wear 3D Printed Compostable Shoes?

Ready to wear 3D printed compostable shoes? Footwear education institute Slem and startup BioInspiration are developing an eco-friendly idea.

On Your Marks
3D Printing Goes for Gold in Rio Olympics

3D printing has had a big impact on the design of shoes for this year's Olympics in Rio, with direct input from athletes themselves.