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More Portability Hacks for Ultimaker 2 Go

Ultimaker 2 Go

The backpack straps are cute, but why stop there? These 3D printed portability hacks for the Ultimaker 2 Go can make it truly mobile.

Last week we reported on a simple innovation for the Ultimaker 2 Go that highlighted its core strength: portability.

The addition of backpack straps to a foam storage container for the “Screaming Hairdryer” — an affectionate nickname — bought home the message that this was a capable little machine that you could take literally anywhere.

(Okay, the Ultimaker 2 Go has some ways to go before it’s as portable as the Deezmaker Bukito, which in 2013 was attached to a drone for 3D printing in mid-flight, but that’s a pretty extreme example.)

The story of the backpack has inspired FLEX/design to develop some more portability hacks for the mini Ultimaker; three to be precise, plus one quirky one where you’re attaching a baggage tag/business card holder for identification while in transit.

See them all being made and applied in the timelapse video below:

The designs are chunky and cheeky, and recklessly skirt the borders between functional printing and day-glo silliness.

But since this is the same design studio that developed the original packaging for the Ultimaker 2 Go, plus other products like the Ultimaker extrusion upgrade kit (AND they’ve won awards for their efforts), they’re certainly worth a closer look.

Let’s take a deep dive, shall we? Perhaps you’ll be inspired to modify them, and apply some baggage handling tricks to your own desktop 3D printer.

Ultimaker 2 Go Wheels

ultimaker 2 go

Do you suffer from schreibtischrückenschmerz? That’s a German word for “sitting at the writing desk too long and developing a pain in the back.” If that’s your plight (and we truly sympathize), these trolley wheels and handle make a great alternative to the backpack straps. And if you fancy printing the tyres in flexible filaments and adding some suspension, you could go truly off road!

Download: YouMagine

Ultimaker 2 Go Cupholder

ultimaker 2 go

Need a place to park that morning brew? The Ultimaker 2 Go stands ready to receive that hot beverage with this 3D printed cup holder. In truth, we’d hesitate to be stashing open liquids next to a complex and delicate piece of machinery, even if it is encased in foam. But it can be easily adapted to hold other things; perhaps a rolled up newspaper, a bicycle light to illuminate your path, or a set of tools.

Download: YouMagine

Ultimaker 2 Go Corner

ultimaker 2 go

With any package, the corners are the most vulnerable to damage whilst in transit. Just take a look at a suitcase on a baggage carousel the next time you’re passing through an airport. Those corners get totally smashed in no time at all. Add these reinforced corners to provide the Ultimaker 2 Go case with some added protection.

Download: YouMagine

Ultimaker 2 Go Business Card Holder

ultimaker 2 go

This little hack makes the most sense if you are regularly touring with the Ultimaker 2 Go, and want to show your business credentials front and centre as you move from venue to venue. After all, what kind of road warrior would you be if you didn’t have a set of business cards handy at all times?

Download: YouMagine