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Smartphone 3D Printer ONO Releases Demo Video Ahead of Shipping

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by Tyler Koslow
Feb 28, 2017

The team behind the ONO smartphone 3D printer has shared a video demonstration of their highly anticipated product. 

Back in March 2016, Filippo Moroni and Pietro Gabriele took the crowdfunding world by storm with their OLO smartphone 3D printer (later renamed to the ONO). Their innovative and compact machine uses the light from your smartphone screen to perform desktop SLA printing.

The San Francisco startup raised over $2.3 million in funding on Kickstarter from around 16,000 backers. This created a mixture of consumer hype and skepticism that ONO would not be able to meet their ambitious goals. But lo and behold, the ONO team has promised that each backer will have a smartphone 3D printer by March.

Last week, the startup updated eager backers with a time-lapse demonstration video printing a reticular structure.

Live Video Demonstration of the ONO Smartphone 3D Printer

The time-lapse video features the ONO creating a netlike structure, using up nearly the entire print volume (120 x 66 x 50 mm). In just 2.5 hours, the printer was able to produce the sizable reticular model without issue. For the demonstration, the team used a mid-range Android phone and 46.8 ml of their castable resin.

Even more notably, the printing process only drained half of the smartphone’s battery, hinting that the device can be used on the go. The update video also offers a sneak peak of their smartphone app, used to quickly choose a model before the phone is placed within the printer chamber.

ONO shared a full non-edited version of the demonstration, sped up from 10 FPS to 30FPS to display the process over an hour timeframe. The STL file for the complex test print structure is also available on the Kickstarter update.

In addition to the video, the startup also called upon all backers to update addresses for shipping this coming March. As campaign contributors eagerly await their smartphone 3D printer, ONO’s demonstration video serves as proof that their product is functional.

ONO Smartphone 3D Printer: Breakthrough or Bust?

Price tagged at just $99, the Kickstarter 3D printer could be a major bargain for the consumer market if it meets expectations. With no shortage of crowdfunding nightmares where backers get swindled or let down by overly ambitious campaigns, there’s reason to be weary.

With over $2.3 million raised, the startup has clearly created something ripe for the consumer market. The ONO offers accessibility and convenience in a compact SLA machine, putting the power of creation right into your smartphone. Considering the constant updates and first-hand look at the printing process, the team seems sincere about shipping by next month.

But still, there’s much to be discovered about how well the smartphone printer and four resin-based materials will actually work. If anything, at least the demonstration video shows us that the smartphone 3D printer is real…and it’s coming soon.

Learn more about the ONO 3D printer with our FAQ guide.

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