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Microsoft 3D Builder Available on Windows Phone and Xbox

Microsoft 3D Builder

Why should desktops PCs have all the fun? Microsoft 3D Builder is now compatible with Windows Phone, Xbox One, and Windows Holographic.

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Microsoft 3D Builder is a dedicated app for 3D modeling and printing, and a standard feature on Windows PCs since 2013. It’s a useful tool, and proof of the Redmond Giant’s long-term commitment to additive manufacturing.

This week, Microsoft adds 3D Builder compatibility to Windows Mobile, Xbox One, and Windows Holographic (nascent tech for augmented reality). With this rollout, users have even more scope for creating and printing their 3D content.

Drilling down to Windows phones and tablets, the benefit of a 3D Builder app on a mobile device is that, well, it’s mobile. And it’s optimised for a touchscreen interface, so tweaking a model becomes more tactile with pinch and zoom gestures.

The app also enables the user to scan an object and convert it into a 3D model using the device’s camera. Take a couple of photos of the object from several angles, and images are stitched together to recreate the object as a 3D model.

microsoft 3d builder

Microsoft 3D Builder Supports Multiple 3D Formats

Once you’ve designed your 3D object and want to print it, you can sent to your own 3D printer for fabrication. Alternatively, you can send it to online 3D printing service i.materialise and choose from a variety of finishes and materials.

The 3D Builder app also features an integrated model library. From here, you can modify or print any of the objects that other users in the community have created.

In terms of compatibility with 3D printers, Microsoft has a full list of supported machines on their resource pages. And it’s reassuring to see that the app supports the majority of 3D file formats in common use. These include 3MF, STL, OBJ, PLY, and WRL (VRML) files.

We’ve already seen that 3D is Microsoft’s big focus for the Windows 10 Creators Update due in early 2017. The continued evolution and expansion of the 3D Builder app is clearly a big part of that strategy. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Softpedia

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