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New Microsoft Paint 3D App Can 3D Print From Minecraft

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by Bulent Yusuf
Oct 26, 2016

Microsoft is launching a new and improved Paint app for Windows 10, called Paint 3D, that makes printing 3D models easier than ever.

In what is perhaps the most radical update ever to a classic app, Microsoft has dropped the curtain on Paint 3D for creating and designing 3D models.

The Redmond giant announced the upgraded app at its keynote event today in New York City, where it placed a huge emphasis on the future of creating in 3D.

Users of the app can take photos and turn portions of the photo into 3D objects, or convert a 2D sketch into a 3D image.

But the new tool will be especially appealing to players of Minecraft. In a clever piece of synergy, users of Paint 3D can share their work in a new online community that focuses extensively on the Minecraft video game.


Minecraft and Paint 3D is a Brilliant Match

According to Microsoft, players will be able to export their in-game creations to the new Paint 3D tool. Even better, they’ll be able to prep them for 3D printing right from within the app.

In effect, players can now create a solid object based on a previously digital creation.

This concept is not entirely new. There are already a number of third-party options that offer similar services. But with the tight integration between Minecraft and Paint 3D, both overseen by Microsoft software engineers, this should be a robust ecosystem.

Despite all this gloss and sheen, longtime users of the Paint app — and doubtless there are a few — can be assured that Paint 3D stays true to its roots as a basic image editor with some new enhancements.

The new version of the Paint app is now online, where users can sign up for preview testing before downloading.

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