4-in-1 Machine

CTC Formaker combines 3D Printer, Laser, CNC Milling


Now on Kickstarter: Chinese Manufacturer CTC packs a CNC mill, PCB / laser engraver plus a dual-head 3D printer in one box. Meet the Formaker. 

We are used of seeing campaigns of enthusiastic founders in garages presenting their 3D printers novelties on Kickstarter and IndieGogo. But an existing, experienced 3D printer manufacturer seeking funds from the crowd? That‘s a first.

Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co is looking for funding for their next 3D printer, the Formaker. The ticket is small: Just 50.000 £. Currently, they are half-way funded with 47 days to go.

Formaker promises a multi-functioning machine that is capable of producing high-quality prints (max build size 225 x 145 x 150 mm). The company wants to deliver in September 2016.

Formaker, CTC’s First 4-in-1 Machine

This 4-in-1 Machine combines several functions in one machine.

1. Dual-Head 3D Printing


2. Laser Cutter


3. Prepping PCBs


4. CNC Milling


An Experienced 3D Printing Company

Chinese company Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co is known to many as the company who cloned the original Makerbot for a great price of $700 (which is totally legal, as the designs are open source). Reviews of the CTC 3D Printer on 3D Hubs show some mixed reviews with a score of 6.8 out of 10 by just 6 reviews, mainly because of lacking customer service.

Zhuhai CTC is operating from China for over 5 years. They sold thousands of 3D printers and, according to their Kickstarter page,

… can accommodate the manufacturing and logistical challenges.

We hope you see our vision, and your dreams becoming a possibility. We have priced this machine to be brought to you at minimal cost. We need this project to facilitate our distribution and stock levels of the hardware in Formaker.”

There’s Strong Competition

One thing, though: the Formaker isn’t alone on the market.

  1. All3DP reported on the personal industrial robot Makerarm, which also is seeking funding on Kickstarter. Just looking at the specs, it could even outperform the Formaker – but the machine isn’t on the market yet.
  2. Also, there’s the italian Adam 3D Printer on Kickstarter, which also uses exchangeable heads for milling, cutting and 3D printing.

One thing’s for sure: These are exciting times for makers. First, prices for 3D printing comes down, now the printers are developing to manufacturing centers.