One Printer To Rule Them All

Kickstarter 3D Printer “Adam” is also Scanner and Laser Cutter


3D printer, laser cutter and engraver, 3D scanner plus milling machine: Thanks to its modular design, Adam wants to be the “personal FabLab on your desk”.

Seems like most 3D printing innovation moved over to crowdfunding sites: all the great new tweaks and improvements makers want can be found at Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Currently, there‘s a trend towards all-in-one 3D printers. These machines can not only 3D print, but also scan, mill, scan and use lasers. All3DP already covered Makerarm’s Kickstarter campaign. Now there’s the Adam 3D printer by the Italian company Northype.

The Adam combines 3D printing, laser cutting/engraving, 3D scanner and a milling machine in one casing. According to Northype, the idea was to create a product easy to use, with a hypothetically infinite potential with a competitive price.

Changing Head For Different Tasks


Northype claim, they have concluded the development of operational working prototypes.

Here‘s what’s “in the box”:

  • A Modular System: Adam uses a fixed carriage, which you can insert the various additional modules on. During the Kickstarter campaign, you can purchase the modules for 3D printing, laser, cutter and 3D scanner. The headtool platform will be open source. So everyone will be able to customize the headtool for their own use. For example, nothing prevents from making a pen holder to “draw” in a highly accurate way on a card or sheet of paper.
  • Regular 3D Printer: The 3D printing module will have a 0.4 mm nozzle and will use 1.75 mm filaments. It will come with a heated bed. According to the press release, Adam can print any type of material, from the classical and easier PLA to the harder nylon or other special filaments like carbon loaded laywood or nylon.
  • Laser: With the laser module it will be possible to cut paper and cardboard, and also incise easily plywood, polystyrene, MDF, leather. The laser module is designed to be easy and intuitive to use.
  • CNC Mill: The milling headtool helps you accomplish things which can’t be done with additive technology. You can make small works of engraving and milling.
  • 3D Scanner: Adam also offers a 3D scanner module. According to Northype, the 3D scanner is easy to use. Adam is designed for creative people, thanks to interchangeable headtools continuously developing in the next future there will be further implementations as extruder for fluid materials.
  • Filters and Chambers: Adam is fitted with a filament filter to clean the incoming filament to prevent unwanted nozzle occlusions. Adam is also provided with closed hot chamber which maintaining a constant temperature inside.

The Bigger Brother: Meet Adam+


If you like it bigger, the Italian company also offers the Adam +, which they boldly call the “largest all-in-one 3D printer in the world”. The printing volume is 30 x 30 x 47,5 cm.

Northype wants to deliver both the Adam and the Adam+ in June 2016. Prices on Kickstarter range from € 899 Euros for the “early bird” version to € 1.250. The Kickstarter price of the Adam+ ranges from € 1400 to € 1.750.