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“Buy 2 Give 1” MakerBot Promotion to Boost Schools Uptake

MakerBot Promotion

If you’re always wanted to buy a MakerBot, now it’s a good time: The “Buy 2 Give 1” promotion puts 3D printers in the hands of students and schools.

MakerBot may be going through some hard times, but their new promotional is bound to lift up everyone involved. Recognizing both the importance of getting kids involved with 3D printing at a young age, and the extreme difficulties of actually delivering such expensive tools to educators, MakerBot has started an ingenious “Buy 2 Give 1” campaign.

Yes, schools can even buy two and give themselves a third, refurbished printer for free.

Buy 2 Give 1 MakerBot promo! (Image: MakerBot)
Buy 2 Give 1! (Image: MakerBot)

If you want to get involved, make sure to read the fine print:

New MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printers must be purchased with at least 1-year of MakerCare from one of MakerBot’s partner’s before December 15, 2015. Then, be sure to send an email to with a photocopy of the receipt, and the printer serial numbers.

buy-2-give-1The official MakerBot partners for that campaigns are:

  • Best Buy
  • Dell
  • The Home Depot
  • Staples
  • PCM
  • SHI
  • VWR

The MakerBot Promotion shows students and teachers that adults care, and it can also lead to real results. Manning Elementary School in Manning, South Carolina, is one example of how 3D printing can help schools engage with the community and make connections between learning and real world applications. Teacher Johnson Smith is working with students to create 3D printed models of a large vacant building in town to help convince their local government to convert it into a fun park for the community.

Without experiencing technology firsthand, kids won’t be fully prepared for their future. The ability to grow up with technologies makes it more familiar, and much easier to play or experiment with. The makers of today and tomorrow are equally important, and MakerBot summed up their entire campaign perfectly with this:

Moving forward is as much about where you came from as it is about the future. Startups, small businesses, and 3D printing professionals can both aspire to greater innovation and help students do the same.

Since MakerBot’s acquisition by Stratasys, the company has experienced many challenges, including large lay-offs. Hopefully, giving back to the many excited students in need will lend the fire and momentum MakerBot needs to push forward.

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