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BCN3D Doubles Productivity for Small Series Printing Using IDEX Technology

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by Hanna Watkin
Jul 1, 2019

Barcelona-based 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D is giving an inside look at its print farm, where it uses Independent Dual Extruder "IDEX" technology to produce parts more efficiently.

BCN3D is known for its Independent Dual Extruder “IDEX” technology. What’s perhaps not known though, is that their very own printers produce parts for new machines — at double capacity.

The Barcelona-based 3D printer manufacturer’s technology is able to double production for small series. It released a video showing their print farm in action and say they believe other companies could mimic it for a “huge impact.”

The video explains how BCN3D produces parts at its print farm which has 63 BCN3D printers working around the clock using PET-G material. Each of these machines has 47 plastic pieces which are manufactured using 3D printing.

“IDEX is the most cost-effective and fastest solution for low volume batch production,” says the company in a press release. “It offers the possibility to park the idle toolhead aside when printing dual extrusion parts. This is the cleanest solution on the market as it prevents the drip of molten plastic into the print.”

Of course, BCN3D isn’t the only company that produces printers with IDEX technology. CraftUnique, for example, also offers it in their CraftBot 3.

If you’re wondering what’s different about the IDEX compared to a dual extrusion desktop 3D printer, BCN3D explains that with its printers, both toolheads are controlled independently thanks to the IDEX.

Desktop 3D printers with dual extrusion often have both toolheads on the same carriage. By activating mirror mode, the IDEX can double production capacity.

Benefits of the IDEX for Small Series 3D Printing

BCN3D, of course, lists many reasons as to why companies should choose the IDEX for small series printing. For example, by being able to produce double the amount of parts in the same amount of time as a conventional dual extrusion printer, BCN3D also believes its technology reduces the cost of machinery.

Another point the company makes is that thanks to this efficiency, you don’t have to set up quite as many printers, reducing labor costs. And, of course, fewer yet more efficient 3D printers means they take up less space.

Source: Press release

BCN3D believes its IDEX Technology could help other companies with small volume batch production (Source: BCN3D)

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