3D Printed for Action Cameras

Nixa Offer 3D Printed Extreme Filmmaking Solutions


Polish design studio Nixa uses Zortrax’s M200 3D printers to create a series of specialized sports camera accessories.

The company called Nixa creates cases, mounts, or gimbals, to offer their users better image stability and allow them to mount their cameras in previously inaccessible places.

The 3D printing service offers mounts that can move in three different axes and they also ensure stable filming when held by hand or when attached to an object, such as a steering wheel or a tennis racket.

By using 3D printing (mainly the Zortrax M200), the company wants to offer their products at a lower price, as they are producing it on demand. Professionals can also adapt their projects to perfectly suit their needs – whether they require mounts and cases that are extremely durable or one’s that are lightweight.


Examples of Nixa’s 3D Printed Solutions

Nixa’s Nut-Crusher mount is a product that allows users to mount their sports cameras on all sorts of circular surfaces with a diameter ranging between 15-30 mm.

Another product of theirs called The Fig Rig! allows for stable filming thanks to handles for both hands. It works by having a central part which features a mount that will hold any sports or small conventional camera, The Rig’s upper part comprises of two rails which can be used to mount a camera flash or LED lamps.


The company’s Shark casing, which is an ideal mount to use on all sorts of helmets, gives users the ability of either mounting their camera vertically or horizontally.


If you’re interested in printing your own filmmaking aids, check out the Zortrax Model Library where Nixa’s 3D printing projects are created and added.

The different projects and models available in the Library can be commented on, added to a user’s favorites, downloaded, edited and shared on social media.

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